What To Include on Your Wedding Day

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What to include on your wedding day depends on what type of wedding day you want. There are so many different themes to go for, and you’ll often be trying to make it as unique to your day as possible. But in the flurry of all the major details that you might be thinking of, it is hard to remember the finer details that are going to help to make your wedding so special. So to try and make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the finer details you need to consider when planning your wedding.


We can consider this part of your wedding day, because it is just so important. There’s going to be many stressful periods during the run up to your wedding, but one of the most stressful is definitely going to be the night before. You’ll most likely be separated from the groom, and be having a bit of girly time with your bridesmaids. So the main thing you want to include here is as much pampering as possible. You need to feel relaxed and beautiful, and it all starts with a girly routine. Have a nice hot bath, and do the full works. Make sure your legs are shaved, you’ve body scrubbed all over, and you’re feeling fresh. Then have a nice facemask, one that promotes lightening the face up to give you some radiance. Chances are you might not sleep that much, so you want to be as awake looking as possible.


You’ll probably have all the main events of the day covered. You’ll know what you’re wearing, what to say with your vows, but you might not have considered the send off. When all has been said and done on the day, you’ll want to be greeted by a crowd of cheering people, and maybe even a bit of flare. There are so many send off ideas for the perfect wedding to choose from. Just try and spice it up a little to make things interesting. What you want to think about is footwear after the initial wedding ceremony. We all know how painful heels can be, and if your dress is a long flowing one, no one is going to see the shoes underneath. Take a comfy pair of trainers with your for the wedding reception so you can really let your hair down and have a dance.


After all the fun and games of the actual wedding day is over, you’ll probably want to be whisked away to your honeymoon. The sooner you go the better. You’ll feel that first married buzz for so long, and spending some time with the one you love just after you’ve been married is so romantic. Whether you’re going abroad or not, make sure you have planned it plenty of time in advance. You’ll often get a lot of freebies if the hotels know you’re on your honeymoon as well! Hello upgrade the the superior suite! But the main thing to do is focus on the romance of it all.

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