The Basics to Living Life with Purpose (Even Without Money)

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What’s your goal in life? Is it to make sure that your finances are well and truly above average, or is it about living your life day to day, taking it as it comes? Or is it about being truly happy? To live a life that’s full of purpose is a difficult thing nowadays, we have so many distractions, from smartphones to debt, to various forms of entertainment. But when we are being presented with this idea of happiness, and that you need money and material goods in order to feel this sense of happiness, it can leave you feeling quite perplexed. Is there a way to live a purposeful life with or without money?

Get Emotionally Free Of Money

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but you can benefit from doing a little research on ways to manage your debt. This will give you a greater sense of freedom. There are websites like that can give you simple debt advice, or point you in the right direction. When we do feel trapped by our finances, it seriously hampers our enjoyment of everything. And especially now, with house prices going up, and wages going down, it means we are more in debt than ever before. So it’s important for you to get out of that mindset that weighs you down. Living in a paycheck to paycheck way is very depressing, so, make sure you do your research and find out what options are available to you, and then you can develop an appropriate plan and dig yourself out of debt to enjoy your life more!

Understand Your Stress Triggers

We all have, to an extent, some form of anxiety. Of course, stress in small doses is very good for you, but if you live your life constantly in a fight or flight response mode, it’s going to have long-term effects on your overall health. So, for the sake of your mental and physical health, it’s vital that you begin to learn how to manage stress, and this means looking at your triggers. There is a very useful article on on how to deal with stress, and it involves examining your own attitudes towards it. Because we view stress as a negative thing, for the most part, this is why it panics us so. So, by using stress to your advantage, and utilizing it when it is needed, this is going to help you overall.

Be Social

Having a close circle of friends is so important to our well-being, and the act of being social, especially as we age, is one of the most crucial things to our overall health. As we get older, we can retreat into isolation, so we do need to consider how we view our friendships. So many people barricade themselves indoors, and this leads to a feeling of loneliness, but it also impacts on their health. Being social is one of the simplest skills to acquire. It may be a very difficult thing to develop at the beginning, but its impacts, in the end, are more than worth the effort.


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