Travel To These Highlights For A Truly Global Cultural Tour

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If you love travelling, and you are starting to think about your next trip, then why not consider taking a tour of some of the most culturally fascinating places in the world? There are many kinds of travelling, but the kind where you really delve into another culture is the one that open up your heart and your mind and really gets you excited. If you are keen on experiencing a little culture shock, you will probably find that certain specific locations will do it for you much better than others. In this article, we are going to take a look at which places you might want to consider travelling to if you are keen on witnessing some of the world’s great cultural highlights.


This is a landlocked region of The Himalayas which many visitors have often described as being like a hidden, perfect paradise. It is infamously hard to travel there, but anyone who does will be rewarded for this great exertion of energy by being able to witness one of the world’s very few remaining untouched cultures. Because there is hardly any tourism, Bhutan remains pure and true to its own traditional values, and get you will probably find the people here to be surprisingly welcoming to the travelling foreigner. Once you have braved the mountainous conditions to get there, you might be in for the culture shock of your life – but it is a shock which will be sure to delight you and leaving you feeling the peace and majesty of this kingdom in the skies.

Here, you have a colorful religious tradition ensconced by breathtaking scenery, with many Buddhist festivals throughout the year full of ceremony and joy. As with many of its neighboring countries, you will find prayer flags littering the towns, and as you step into this place you instantly feel that you are being bathed in the sheer spirituality of the place. It is a truly remarkable paradise-like destination for the traveller who is not afraid to experience a little culture shock and get down and dirty in the real life of these incredible people. In particular, visiting in Spring and Autumn will mean that you get to experience the incredibly fascinating Buddhist festivals, and the weather at these times of year is a little cooler, making it perfect for the visiting trekker.

This is not the easiest travelling you will ever do in your life, but as is often the case, you get out what you put into it, and if you are keen on experiencing this fascinating culture you will certainly find it is worth the effort necessary to do so.


It’s not always entire countries or nations which are able to provide you with a fascinating cultural experience. Often, a city alone can do that, and Shanghai is the ultimate example of how a city can wrap you in the culture of its people with an inexorable and a delightful grasp. The city of Shanghai has remained stubbornly resolute in its own cultural history, despite the rapid incline in tourism in the past fifty or so years. In fact, all of that foreign money coming in seems to have helped these people simply to live more truly and more fully with their own culture, rather than becoming merely a tourist haven. For this reason, it is a fantastic location for the traveller keen to delve into another culture.

But what exactly is that culture like in this instance? Well, despite its obdurate in the face of travellers, it is in one respect a hugely modern city, with skyscrapers reaching into the zenith and a bustling business hub which is hard to ignore. But underneath this contemporary exterior, and impossible to subvert, is the older, traditional religious and spiritual culture of the people, which affects and alters the way that all of those modern experiences are done. You can easily get a glimpse of old Shanghai in the architecture; for a long time, the city has been considered the meeting place of East and West in the vastness of China, and in many ways this is reflected in the architecture of the city, combining modern and traditional seamlessly. But you still have many of the original traditional temples to witness and observe, and the Shanghai people are still a devoutly religious people. Along with the highly modern aspect to Shanghai, you also have the opportunity to step back in time at almost every turn.

It is this twofold nature of the place which really makes it attractive for many visitors, along with its inability to budge due to tourist invasions. If you are looking for a city which blends old and new effortlessly, then you will do much worse than visiting Shanghai. More on this city can be found at


If you are really intrigued by the religions of other peoples, then you will have already had a pretty good choice in both of the previous two locations. However, there are still many more destinations which might take your fancy in this respect, and one which in particular needs attention is the stunning city of Jakarta.

This Indonesian cultural hub is home to a great many museums, art galleries and even theatres – not to mention that it has one of the most extensive ranges of restaurants of any city in the world. With the Great Indonesia Mall, you have the ultimate example of how a city can be both delightfully contemporary and still true to its roots, in the way that this central shopping area is decorated and designed using many of the traditional ideas in this old culture. If you are interested in the religious side of life, however, then Jakarta has just about everything you need. With a range of beautiful mosques, cathedrals and churches, you might consider this city to be one of the world’s central locations for all things spiritual. This alone lends a great degree of fascination and splendor to the place, but when you consider too the amount of modern cultural artefacts, suddenly the weary traveller feels spoiled for choice at having arrived upon such a bounty.

One of the main attractions for the visitor is the fact that this is one of the more modern areas of Indonesia, and yet has some of the lowest prices of living. This means that whether you are just passing through or whether you are looking to stay on with a home from, you can expect to keep your pursestrings loose and still feel as if you are rich. This is, above all, a stunning and glorious modern city which any devout traveller must experience at some point in their lives.


But perhaps you are looking for something more rural in your search for ultimate culture? An especially popular destination for Western tourists over the past decade has been the beautiful and somewhat ruinous nation of Cambodia. This is a country teeming with religion, including some of the world’s very oldest and purest, and it is the kind of place where you can find it hard to peel your eyes away from the many diverse and fascinating sights which are presented to you practically upon arrival. But what is it specifically that you can expect to blow you away in this incredible landscape?

For a start, if you are keen on religious structures, then Cambodia has to be one of the ultimate places to visit in the world. Home to a number of absolutely stunning ancient temples, this is one place where you will be bound to really feel the ancient culture of the place in your bones. Visitors frequently report strong spiritual experiences and even strange flutterings of the heart in what is basically one of the wellsprings of the world’s religions and therefore a major cultural centre of the planet too. Whether you are just visiting for a week or travelling around for a longer time, you are bound to fall in love with this place, as so many people before you have likewise fallen in love with it. Cambodia is not travel for the faint-hearted, but neither is it especially taxing, and as long as you have a basic sense of being able to travel in less forgiving climates and situations, you should be able to manage yourself pretty well here. Put simply, this has to be n your bucket list if you are keen to experience some of the world’s greatest cultural highlights.

When you are looking for a cultural tour, it can be hard to know where to begin. But what is even more difficult for the avid traveller is knowing when to stop. You might easily spend a year or more visiting just these few locations alone, and you will already have experienced a beautifully diverse selection of the planet’s cultures. But don’t feel that you should stop there; many of the truly wonderful cultural highlights on planet Earth are found only by exploring your own way, for this is how you come across those places which truly speak to you as an individual.


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