Lose Your Heart to Canada

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A lot of people always pick mainland America to go to when it comes to a holiday in the states. But if you venture out a little and go to the wonderful Canada, we know you’ll have an incredible time. It is separate to the US, and you will need a different visa if you’re wanting to visit. Visa are easy to sort, and there’s plenty of information on the internet about what to get an how to get it. Canada is full of natural beauty, more so than the US itself. There’s plenty of things to do for you and the whole family. So to try and persuade you to go, here are a few things we think you’ll love about the country. Have a read on to find out more.

The Environment

As we said, Canada is full of natural wonders. There’s so much to do in terms of nature trails that will leave you absolutely in awe of the country. It is a favourite for people who are heading there to seek out amazing views. You will find you’re a lot more active in Canada compared to the US, but this isn’t a bad thing. It won’t feel like you’re doing much when you’re taking in the views. One popular hot spot if you’re looking to be wowed is Lake Louise and Moraine. The crystal clear lake surrounded by the amazing mountains is enough to leave your stunned. You can either have guided tours or walk around it yourself. A lot of people prefer the guided tours as they’ll take you to some of the most amazing parts of it. But there’s nothing wrong with a leisurely stroll around on your own. Capilano suspension bridge is something we know you’ll enjoy as well. As long as you aren’t too scared of heights, this one offers some incredible views.

Places To Stay

There’s plenty of places to stay in Canada, some of them are surrounded by wildlife that will help you to fall in love with the country even more. A lot of them are family friendly and have plenty to do to keep the whole family entertained. All you need to do is find one in the areas you like. Just take the Best Western Smiths Falls Hotel as an example.Situated with plenty of things around it for you to do, and close to a bit of nature for you to enjoy. There are hotels like this all up and down the country. But if you’re looking for something a bit more rugged there’s plenty out there for you. There’s a lot of lodges and other houses for you to rent for your time out there. But this is only suitable if you don’t mind being self catered.

Things The Family Will Love

Your family’s happiness is always going to be your main priority when it comes to a holiday. But Canada can provide for this. One of the attractions we know they’ll love best is the Niagara Falls attraction. You can even have helicopter tours of it if you’re feeling brave. But we know your children will love this bit the most.

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