Luxury Travel Without the Price Tag

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Vacations are expensive, and you are lucky if you can afford a basic one each year. If only you had the money to travel in style. You would fly first class, rent a suite in a five-star hotel, and eat at the best restaurants. But, that’s just a pipedream for the majority of vacationers. It doesn’t have to be, though. Luxury vacations are pricey and will hurt your bank balance if you are not thrifty. However, the frugal readers will know that amount of the tag doesn’t have to be the final figure.

With that in mind, these are the penny-pinching luxury travel tips for holidaymakers.

Rack Up The Air Miles

Airlines are in the credit card industry, and business is booming. The idea of paying for everyday items with a Delta card is a little odd, but the promotions speak for themselves. The best airline credit cards offer goodies which will make a holiday cheaper in the long run. Air miles are without a doubt the best example. By using a piece of plastic to purchase household items, you can use the miles to pay for a flight. As a rule, these points should lower the cost of the high-end seats, allowing you to fly first or business class.

Check Comparison Websites

Next up is accommodation, which is one of the largest expenses of any vacation. This is especially true if you want to stay in a four or five-star joint. Those chocolates on your pillow don’t come cheap! The trick is to remember that the most reputable hotels are companies and follow the same rules. So, if they have spare beds, they will sell them for a knockdown price. Using sites such as Trivago lets you compare the best deals on the Web so that you can bag a bargain. Another trick is to buy a package deal.


Rich people don’t bargain; they pay the price and head to their room. However, you don’t have money to burn, so haggling is a smart option. Don’t get to the hotel and negotiate over the price because that is uncouth. Instead, casually mention that you and your “husband” are on your honeymoon. If the hotel is on the ball, they will offer to upgrade your room for free. That way, you get a world-class experience without having to fork out a fortune. Alternatively, you can make your displeasure known if there are any hold-ups.

Eat Earlier

A luxury vacation wouldn’t be complete without a selfie-filled, fine dining experience. And, restaurants are happy to cater to thrifty customers, which is why they have the lunch menu. Eating during the day instead of at night can save you a fortune in food bills. Usually, there is a set menu that is half the price of the dinner experience. Let’s face it – it doesn’t matter when you try the food and long as you get to taste it. Booking a table at four or five o’clock in the afternoon is another savvy trick.

Calling all frugal travelers: do you have any hacks you like to use?

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