Hang Up Your Body Hang Ups for Good

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We all have our own body hang ups that get us down or just downright frustrate us. At best, these are simply things that we wish we could improve about ourselves. For instance, there are many women out there who would prefer to have a smaller stomach or thinner legs. Even though they don’t get too down about these hang ups, they are still always there at the back of their mind and can affect how they see themselves. But there are some girls and women who suffer more because of their body hang ups. In the worst-case scenario, these hang ups can lead to many mental health conditions, such as depression and body dysmorphia.

If you do have some body hang ups, there are a few things you can do about them. You might not be able to lose them for good, but you can prevent yourself from thinking about them too much. Here are all the things you need to do to hang up your body hang ups for good.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

One of the main reasons that body hang ups develop is that we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others. For instance, you might think that one of your friends has an amazing body, and you compare your own body to theirs and how different they are. But this really isn’t any good for your mental health. We are all built completely differently and each have our own unique body shape. So, rather than comparing yourself to others, you need to learn to accept your own body and shape so that you can start to love it. Keep telling yourself that there is no such thing as the perfect body – we are all perfect in our own different ways, and this makes every one of us special and unique.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

If you are surrounded by people who are constantly putting you down and shaming you because of your body, you need to free yourself from them. These people are not your friends and you shouldn’t have to deal with all of their negativity. Instead, find new friends who are supportive of you and always give you lots of support and praise. Your family should also be very supportive and never criticise you or your body. You need to fill your friends who can help you build on your body positivity and learn to love yourself just the way you are!

Forget Fad Diets

The diet industry has been shown to have negative consequences when it comes to individual’s mental health. That’s because it makes women follow ridiculous diets and gives them unreasonable and unachievable goals to try to achieve. For instance, marketing of certain diet plans often uses very thin models and tries to persuade women that they can look like the models if they follow the diets. Of course, this is rarely the case, and women often end up feeling very upset and frustrated as a result. This can often increase body hang ups. Not only that, though, but restricting your diet too much can often lead to health issues. So, forget about fad diets and just try to eat as healthy as possible without restricting certain food groups.


Take Some Action

If there is anything particular about your body that is causing you anxiety and a poor body image, then you should consider taking some direct action. For instance, if you are worried about your weight, there are plenty of safe ways you can lose some of your extra pounds without risking your overall health. Some surgeries, such as plassurg.co.nz will also offer cosmetic services that can help you change other physical aspects of your body. For example, if you broke your nose as a child, it could grow to be quite crooked in adulthood. A simple cosmetic procedure could straighten it out for you.

Put Things In Perspective

One other way you can try and hang up your own body hang ups for good is to try and put your whole life in perspective. Rather than getting hung up on the parts of your body that you don’t particularly like, you should instead focus on all the positive aspects of your body. In fact, why stop at the positives of your body? I’m sure that there are plenty of positives in your whole life that will totally outweigh all the negativity that your body hang ups bring you. For instance, maybe you have lots of wonderful and supportive friends and family in your life? Or you might have a fantastic career that brings plenty of new and exciting opportunities to your life?

Listen To Your Body

Do you know all the signs that your body might be trying to use to tell you something? If you aren’t following such a healthy diet, you could be starving your body of all the important nutrients that it needs. Sometimes, out body tries to tell us through some symptoms, such as anxiety, fatigue, and cravings for fatty and sugary foods. You might find that your mental health declines as well, which could increase your body hang ups and cause you to focus on them. So, it’s a good idea to listen to your body just in case you need to improve your diet. If you do need some extra nutrition in your daily diet, you can get plenty of great ideas at healthyfood.co.nz and other recipe sites.

Ignore The Media

Finally, you need to ignore the media. Newspapers, TV shows, and magazines are filled with people who have a whole team working to make sure that they look perfect. They almost certainly aren’t reflective of what normal people look like, and you should not compare yourself to them. Do yourself a favor and turn the TV off or put the magazine back in the rack!

Hopefully, all of these useful tips will help you hang up your body hang ups once and for all!

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