Make Your Smile Something to Be Proud Of


Now, there are various parts of your appearance that can come to form a signature part of how others perceive you. But your smile tends to be one of the most prominent and noticeable. Why? Well, we largely communicate how we are feeling through our mouth. Both through speech and how we shape our mouth. Showing your teeth in a bright, pearly smile can automatically make you appear more approachable, friendly, and likeable. Your mouth tends to be the first place that people focus on! A good set of teeth can say a lot about you as an individual: they sow that you are at your peak health, take pride in your appearance and care for yourself well. So, here are just a few different ways to achieve all of this by creating the perfect Hollywood smile for yourself!

Straightening Treatments

One of the biggest differences that can be made to the appearance of your teeth is their alignment. Many of us aren’t born with the right genetics for naturally straight teeth, but they can easily be achieved with dental intervention. If you want to avoid train track braces, consider Invisalign Express. This is a less invasive approach, subtle, and can show impressive results in much less time than traditional forms of straightening.

Whitening Treatments

You can achieve a certain level of whiteness if you maintain a thorough cleaning regime from a young age and actively avoid smoking, coffee consumption and excessive use of antibiotics where possible. But for the pure white teeth, you should consider professional whitening treatments. For these, your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and give you the right amount of whitener to achieve your desired results without damaging your teeth or making them sensitive. Avoid over-the-counter options, as they can cause excessive sensitivity and patchy results.

Night Guards

Many of us unconsciously grit our teeth throughout the night. This may seem minor, but if you sleep for eight hours a night on average, your teeth can quickly begin to show signs of wear. The easiest way to combat this damage and dulling of the teeth is to wear a night guard. Your dentist can make this especially for you. They will take a mold and send it off for a soft guard to be made for you to wear at night. The thickness of this will depend on how hard you bite. The thicker the guard is, the less often you will have to replace it (as it will be more durable), but the more uncomfortable it will be. An alternative is a kind of step that keeps your teeth apart for the duration of the night, but this will generally be reserved for individuals who grind excessively.

These simple steps will help you to make your smile something that you can be proud of and will show off at every given opportunity. It’s your best accessory and (if taken care of properly) can last you a lifetime, so invest in it!

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