Taking Your Celebrations Down Under


When it comes to putting together pretty much any celebration, things can get tense, and pressure can quickly turn the planning process into something stressful and unenjoyable. Sometimes you will question why you took on the responsibility in the first place, and you will vow never to do so again. So, if everything’s getting a little on top of you, why not consider pairing your trip with a stereotypically laid-back Australian mindset and taking your celebrations down under? This huge country holds so many opportunities for a good time, and your efforts truly will create a memorable event to remember. Here are just a few ideas for you to springboard from!

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands

If you’ve never seen images or footage of the Whitsunday Islands, it’s about time that you took a look. The combination of crystal blue waters and white sand beaches really do make for postcard perfection. The landscapes really are something to remember. Long days lounging on the soft sand beaches may well seem unbeatable at first. But if you’re planning the event of a lifetime, you might want to look into party boat charters that circumnavigate the islands. With boats accommodating between one and seventy-five people, there’s something to suit almost any party and its needs. Chartering the boat yourself also means that you get to go exactly where you want to go and see what you want to see. The experience will only be shared with your nearest, and dearest and activities on board will vary according to your tastes. From cocktail tasting to sailing lessons and team racing, you’re bound to be entertained from the start of the trip to the finish.

Visiting Sydney Opera House

If you have music fans amongst your guestlist, you might want to check out the Sydney Opera House. The stunning architecture of the building is renowned worldwide. Not only does it look great, but it’s specially designed to give the best sound inside too. New shows are announced year round, so keep an eye on listings in order to bag tickets as soon as they are released. This house isn’t merely a home to opera. Current artists also play (Solange and The Rubens are currently scheduled), and there’s also space for theatre performances too!

Immersing Yourself in Sea Life

For the nature lovers among us, there’s little better way to spend special occasions than by experiencing wildlife up close and personal. Now, Australia is famed for its wild and dangerous creatures, but there are plenty of friendly animals out there that you can engage with too. Consider immersing yourself in the Great Barrier Reef, where you can come face to face with stunning sea creatures, ranging from colourful corals to turtles, and seemingly endless varieties of fish.

No matter what your achievement or cause for celebration may be, there are plenty of days out and different ways to treat yourself, kick back and relax down under. These are just some of our favourites!

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