Day Dreaming of Summer: What to Add to the Bucket List


It may seem really cold right now, but summer is on the horizon over the next few months, and so it can be a great point right now to begin planning for the warmer season ahead. However, with everyday routines to abide to, and things that have to be done, it can be hard to do all you want to do and so a summer bucket list is a great way to use the time you do have, and also help with planning time off and where you might want to go. So I thought I would share a few things to add to your summer bucket list to get you started on planning your best summer yet.

Go camping

Camping is a great way to spend your summer days and nights. Whether you decide on something to do as a couple, as friends, or even as a family, it can be such a great activity to get everyone involved. There are levels of camping you can do. You can really rough it as they say and be at one with nature, or you could choose a state of the art campsite that could even provide you with a an electric hook up to give you those home comforts. However you decide to do it, sleeping under the stars is a real experience and is perfect for those lighter summer evenings and warmer days ahead.

Head out for a picnic

There is nothing like spending time with the people you love in summer, but who needs bars and restaurants when you can have a picnic. All you need is your favourite sandwiches and drinks and investing in good coolers like Yeti you are all set to go. You can choose to keep things high class and take your favourite tipple along with you. Some people can make a great day of it, or combine it with a camping trip or event a holiday. The options are endless but a picnic should definitely be on the summer bucket list.

Visit the beach

A great way to spend a day or a weekend in the summer is to visit the beach. A chance to get those toes sandy, enjoy rather fresh sea air and really make the most of the calming environment that the beach can provide. There is plenty to do at the beach, especially if you have a young family. Dipping toes in the sea and enjoying a wonderful ice cream are just two of the highlights you could consider.

Set yourself a walking or sight seeing challenge

Finally, why not set yourself a challenge this summer? There are plenty of things to consider, you could decide to try and visit all of the castles in your area. Maybe you could complete certain walks in the region, or just decide to do something specific each week like visiting different parks locally. Setting you and the family a challenge could be a great way to be more active during the summer.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider some of the things you could do this summer.


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