Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Shine

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When you get engaged, I am sure your mind is full of ideas on how to plan your wedding. You will be thinking about what you want from your special day, the people to invite, who will be part of the bridal party, the list goes on. But while none of us will really have the same thought process, there will always be one thing in common. We all want a unique day. So I thought I would share with you some of the ideas that could make your wedding day shine.

Let the venue do the talking

The wedding venue is a real important aspect of the day, and so if you are looking to add a unique touch to the day then this could be exactly how you do it. The venue is the place where your reception takes place, but it could also be the place where you hold your ceremony. If you are looking for the unique touch then the venue could add that wow factor in terms of size, in terms of theme or where it is, or even the fact that perhaps its normal use is not the standard wedding venue. It can be really hard to find the right venue for your special day, and so it might be worth looking online to ensure that you go about asking the right questions and do the right level of research.

Entertainment for your wedding guests

Maybe the uniqueness you want to add to your day can come in the terms of entertainment. After all, happy guests make for a happy and special day. There are plenty of things you can do. You can focus on photographic memories and consider adding something like a photo booth. There are companies like Priceless Moments Photo Booth Rentals that could add a real level of entertainment to the day. The props you could also incorporate could make for capturing some other funny photo memories. Other things would be in terms of a DJ or a live band or singer. Maybe even focusing on the children and adding kids entertainment to keep the little ones happy so that the parents can play.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to food

The food is a big part of the wedding day, and you can now steer clear of the traditional wedding breakfast if that isn’t suiting your day. From food trucks and street food, to buffet style options you could really focus on a theme with food or go a little different in terms of what you offer. However, if you do like the traditional sit down meal then don’t feel you have to stick with a soup and chicken option. Think outside of the box and look to your personal favourites for inspiration of what you might like to serve.

Consider a theme for the day

Finally, a great way to add a unique touch is to think about a theme for the day. Everyone has a different view of their day. They may want to think about their favourite movies for inspiration or even colours can be a great point to figure out the theme of your day. Sometimes the enue and choice of food can do that for you, so look at the decisions you have already made and work around that.

I hope that this has offered you some food for thought when it comes to making your wedding day unique.

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