Living in Slumberland – 3 of Our Most Common Dreams


Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Quite often, they are strange, confusing, and seemingly nonsensical, but according to experts, our dreams are often trying to tell us something. While our dreams are unique – this writer wouldn’t wish his worst dreams on anybody – there are some common threads between them. The following are some of the events that are bound to have happened in your dreams at one time or another, and with advice we have learned from dream experts, we will try and help you work out just what was going on when your mind reached slumberland.

Dream #1: You are naked in a public place

One moment you’re walking down the road fully clothed, the next you’re naked, exposing yourself to the world, whether they notice your nudity or not. Oh, the shame and embarrassment.

Meaning: You are going through a time of insecurity. Perhaps you are in a new job, and you are worried about exposing your weaknesses, or you may be in a new relationship, and you don’t want your partner to discover your hidden secrets. At any moment you could be exposed for the fraud you think you are, and people will discover the parts of your life that you thought you had covered over.

Tip: For starters, do remember to get dressed in the morning. This is one dream you don’t want to come true! On a more serious note, find ways to handle your insecurities, such as sharing them with others. Quite often, you will discover there was no need to be insecure in the first place, and after a bout of honesty, people will be quite ready to expect you just as you are.

Dream #2: You have the ability to fly

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane? No, it’s you, soaring over the rooftops and flying across the globe in a nanosecond. Supergirl has nothing on you!

Meaning: This is common for lucid dreamers – having control over your dreams, how many of us wouldn’t want to fly? However, on an unconscious level, dreams about flying signify something positive going on in your life. You may have gained new feelings of self-confidence, for example, perhaps with a promotion at work or through an exam you have finally passed. You have conquered whatever was holding you back, and you are metaphorically soaring in your real life.

Tip: For starters, well done. You must be doing something right! To make sure your next dream doesn’t result in a nose dive, take advantage of your new-found confidence and continue finding ways to overcome any other obstacles in your way. In short, keep flying girl!

Dream #3: You are late for something important

You have somewhere to be, and pronto. But everything is going wrong. The traffic is a nightmare, you are walking in slow-motion, and you have that dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach that time is running out. You just aren’t going to make that appointment.

Meaning: You probably have deadlines to meet in your waking life. It could be a deadline for a project at work, or there may be an exam looming. Whatever it is, you are feeling stressed because of it, especially as that deadline comes ever closer. On the other hand, you may be due to meet somebody important, such as a client or a date, and missing the meeting will be tantamount to disaster.

Tip: You need to be proactive. If you have a deadline for work or college, you do need to work hard to ensure you aren’t behind on what you have to do. If you are planning on meeting somebody, formulate a plan, such as working out your travel plans. The more steps you take to manage your life, the less stressed you will be, and the less chance of you being late, both in your dream and waking life.

Final word

Did you recognise elements of yourself within those dreams? If so, we hope we have helped to decipher just what was going on inside your head. We haven’t covered everything, of course, so continue to research your dreams online and get to the bottom of those confusing scenarios that play out in slumberland.


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