5 Cute Ways to Include Your Children in Your Wedding Day


There’s no such thing as a traditional union these days. People are getting married, divorced, and then married again, and that’s just fine. Sometimes that means that there are people that are usually not involved in a wedding day – the children of either (or both) the groom or bride. If you’re getting married, then your children will have a new stepmother or stepfather, and what better way to get the new happy family off to a good start than by having everyone included in the wedding? Below, we take a look at five cute and sweet ways to make your children feel included.  

The Planning Process

You don’t have to wait until the big day to get your children involved in the wedding; they can be involved in the planning process, too. Things like selecting your dress, choosing and writing invites, and cake tasting are things that your kids will love being involved in. But more than just having a fun time as a family, this will also ensure that they don’t feel excluded from the proceedings. You’re excited about getting married; make sure that everyone in your family is excited, too.

Down the Aisle

Your child doesn’t have to be an innocent bystander when it comes to the big day – get them involved in the ceremony. There are many ways you can do this. You can ask your wedding florist arrange a flower girl basket, and have your little girl scatter petals down the aisle before you make your entrance. If you have a son, they can be a ring bearer. These two positions are best for children aged two or younger – if your children are older, then consider asking them to be a bridesmaid or best man.

A Commitment

If you’re marrying someone who isn’t a biological parent of your children, then they’ll already know that by marrying you, they’ll also be making a commitment to your children. Why not include this in your ceremony? Your child will be thrilled that they’ve been given a specific mention during such a special moment. If not during the ceremony itself, then find another way – perhaps a speech – to give your kids a special shoutout.

Bringing their Talents

Your wedding day isn’t just about you and your partner; it’s a family affair. You can include your child into the day by asking them to contribute something to the celebration side of the day. If they’ve got a beautiful voice, then they could sing a song, or read aloud a passage that you’ve selected. If they have a talent for dancing, then have them do a short performance for the guests.

A Special Role

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to make sure that your children feel included in the day. Of course, you can’t be with them all day, so give them a special role during the day, such as giving them a camera and asking them to take photos. They’ll have plenty of fun running around taking snaps!

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