Here’s How to Travel in Style for Less

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Traveling in style doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget. If you want to keep your spending low, there’s no need to stay in hostels and never eat out. You can find ways to save while you’re traveling and still enjoy a comfortable, even luxurious vacation. You just need to be smart about how you do things, and avoiding rushing into anything without thinking. Equip yourself with some clever tips and you’ll find that they serve you well, wherever you’re going. Have a look at some of these methods for making some big savings while still enjoying yourself and traveling in style.

Look at Local Deals

If you visit somewhere that gets a lot of tourists, you can guarantee that there will be products and services aimed purely at tourists. And they’re sure to be more expensive than what the locals are paying for. You can save a lot of money by looking for local deals instead. Start online, using sites like Viaja Compara where you can get some vuelos baratos (cheap flights), and you can use a translation tool if you don’t know what’s what. But when you’re actually traveling, knowing some of the local language is ideal and can help you spot the good deals.

Eat Out for Lunch, Cook for Dinner

Eating out at restaurants is one of the best things about being on vacation. But it can get expensive to do every day and for every meal. One way you can save but still get to eat great food is to go out for lunch, instead of dinner. Around the world, you can find restaurants that offer fixed-price lunch menus, which can often be extremely affordable. They do this to encourage people to come in at lunch, and you’ll usually be able to choose from two or three dishes per course.

Collect Travel Points

If you’re a frequent traveler and there any travel brands you prefer, it’s worth collecting travel points. See if you can get a loyalty card or join a membership program for your favorite airline or hotel group. Some credit cards will help you collect airline miles or hotel points as you spend. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for discounts, upgrades or freebies, which could save you a lot of money. If you don’t yet have a preferred airline or hotel brand, find one that’s available in the places you travel to most.

Become a House Sitter

Another way to improve your accommodation while saving money is to look into house sitting. By being a house sitter, you could stay in a stylish home without having to pay for it. You will probably be expected to do a few things though, like cleaning, collecting the mail and maybe taking care of plants or even pets. Some people also swap homes with other people, which can be a good way of taking care of two things at once.

You can still travel in style if you’re on a budget. You just need to know how to save without sacrificing anything.


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