Australia’s Best Beach Destinations Explored

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If you’re looking for a getaway that pretty much guarantees you lots of sun, sand and sea, then you simply cannot beat Australia. The place is home to some of the most magnificent beaches on the planet, and if you’re into sunshine and soaring temperatures, some of the best weather too.

So, you’re sold on travelling to Australia, but which beaches should you make an effort to visit while you’re there? Arguably, these are the best beaches to be found in the country:

Byron Bay

Byron Bay in New South Wales is pretty much a perfect beach. Located on pristine coastline to the east of Australia, it is not only home to perfectly golden sand and completely clear sea, but it is also home to a range of fun beachside activities, including horse riding, surfing and beach fishing.

Jervis Bay

Also in New South Wales. Jervis Bay boasts some of the whitest sand you’ve ever seen. Better than that, if you head out there in the winter ( who doesn’t like some winter sun?) it is the perfect place to see humpback whales as they migrate. It’s also home to some pretty impressive lagoons and caves, which are fun to explore between sunbathing sessions.

Hervey Bay

Located in Queensland, which is known as the Sunshine State for a reason, Hervey Bay is another location where you can watch humpback whales in the winter. It is also a rather quite, calm stretch where you can really relax and because it is the gateway to Fraser Island, a visit there will also enable you to check out the beauty of that place. If you do plan to stay in Queensland, do check out Elite Holiday Homes, who have some of the most luxurious holiday rentals in that area. There’s nothing quite like ending a day at the beach with an evening in a luxurious holiday home with a cool glass of wine!

Rainbow Beach

Located in Cooloola, which is also home to the fabulous Barnacles Dolphin Centre and Dolphin Ferry Cruises, Rainbow Beach is actually a seaside town. Perfectly picturesque, it is a great place to camp thanks to its placid waters and the fact that it is almost always sunny. It is also extremely beautiful owing to the fact that coastal erosion over the years has turned the sands there no less than 72 different shades of the rainbow., Take a walk along the pretty sandy cliffs there, and you will be awed by the veritable rainbow of colours that you experience.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located in South Australia, and it’s one of the biggest islands in the country. That means it’s pretty much wall to wall beach, but unlike many of Australia’s other beaches, this one stands out for its rugged beauty. If you prefer your beaches to have lots of character, this is the place for you, not least because it encompasses many different landscapes from cosy coves and rugged cliffs to secluded beaches that are as calm as you like, but mostly because the seals there are so much fun. Seriously, make time to see the seals!

Visit any of these beautiful Australian beaches, and you will have all of the sun, sea and sand that you can handle!


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