Is There a Right Time or Place to Show Off?


Anyone who denies that they have an arrogant streak in them is either a good liar or genuinely a saint. The latter is incredibly rare, so don’t take their word for it. We all want to throw our weight around some of the time. It’s only natural to want to be dominant, controlling, be a little know it all, and think of yourself as better than someone else. Who are we really kidding when we try to deny this to ourselves? This doesn’t mean this shade of your character is going to be the domineering part of who you are. It just means, hey, sometimes you’ve just got to flaunt and floss like a boss. All these traits do manifest themselves outwardly in a form that we all like to call ‘showing off.’ It’s generally disliked although there are some people who say ‘hey if you’ve got it, show it.’ So when is it okay to show off?

Don’t conflate pride with ego

What kind of dull and sad life would you have, if you couldn’t ever feel good about yourself? You’d be an introvert ALL the time, hardly ever care about your appearance and you’d be the type of conversationalist someone would avoid eye contact with just to not have to engage in chit chat. Being boastful is one thing, but being proud of your achievements in life is another. We have an innate ‘check yourself’ voice in our mind when we get a bit too boisterous. It can often conflate pride with ego and ruin a good moment. Hanging your academic achievements behind you where you work is something to take pride in. Giving birth to your child is another time to openly celebrate loud and proud. Winning a battle with a disease such as cancer is also a time to publicly draw attention. Who knows, you might give someone else the inspiration to achieve the things you have!

When making an entrance matters

When all eyes are on you, and it’s your day to remember, making an entrance is all part and parcel of being the center of attention. This could be the day you graduate from college, it could be the night you finally got that promotion you’ve been working so hard for, and last, but not least it could be because you’re tying the knot today. For such occasions making the best of it with a limo ride entrance like the stretches offers, is only fitting. High off the ground but long and sleek, the Lincoln navigator limo has the ability to fit 16 people inside. When it’s time to shine, don’t think of yourself as someone who is looking down on other people. It’s common to be self-conscious of the fact that other people are all facing toward you and watching your every move. Looking glamorous and well-groomed, you are the shining star of the day.

Live a little. It’s okay to show off at the right time. Just don’t do it ‘just because’; there’s a time and a place to be exuberant. It also matters how you grab the attention of others, not just when.

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