Plan a Wedding in a Winter Wonderland


If you’re interested in planning a winter wedding, now is the right time to get started. Roughly, you need at least six months to plan a wedding. But the general rule is the earlier you can get started the better. Why? Well, venues get booked, people take the dates you want, and you’ll discover the best services are no longer available. This is particularly true for winter weddings as people love the idea of getting wed in this season.

Winter is a romantic, beautiful season to get married and of course, there’s always the hope that you’ll get a white wedding too. Whether this actually happens is largely a matter of luck. Unless of course, you head somewhere that’s guaranteed to be snowy like Finland. This is perhaps the first choice you should consider when you are planning your winter wedding.

Arrange To Be Wed Abroad

There are lots of places around the globe where a wedding in a winter wonderland is guaranteed if you are wed at a certain time. Lapland, for instance, is a popular spot. For instance, you can get married in the Wilderness Snow Chapel. Imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony by a horse-pulled sleigh traveling through a snowy landscape. You can learn more about weddings in Finland on There are a few things to think about if you are getting married abroad. For instance, you need to consider whether everyone will be able to afford to take the trip. As well as this, be aware you will probably need to complete your vows a second time when you return. Otherwise, your marriage may not be valid. Still, this might be a small price to pay for that perfect winter wedding.

Don’t Settle For Photos, Get Video

Rather than just getting a photographer, make sure you use the services of the videographer offered on sites like Why is this important for a wedding in winter? Well, hopefully, you get snow. Snow falling can make your wedding look truly spectacular and unique. However, to fully capture this moment, you don’t just want photos. There’s something truly incredible about seeing real snowfall in the background on the most wonderful day of your life.

No Snow Forecast?

No problem, you don’t have to let your dream of a white wedding die. Instead, you can hire a snow machine. The most powerful snow machines can cover an area in the snow in less than an hour. When you arrive at the venue, it will be a gorgeous icy wonder, perfect for those wedding videos. Check the forecast a couple days before your wedding to see if you will get snow. If not, you should be able to hire a machine at short notice. Do make sure, however, that you get permission from the venue owner before you use it.

Don’t Become Your Something Blue

Finally, make sure that you think about the weather when choosing your wedding wear. The easiest way to handle this is to choose typical wedding and bridesmaid dresses but add beautiful throws to the outfits. This will make sure you can stay warm and look ultra stylish on your wedding day. You can see a brilliant example of wedding wear for winter in the Insta below:

В конце марта, в последние дни зимы, мне удосужилось поучаствовать в съемке весенней выездной регистрации как бы это не звучало Все это происходило в рамах @wedfotofest Ко мне на воркшоп записалось почти 30 человек, было мало времени, было холодно, вообщем, все как я люблю Модели @vernandi и @v.shahova молодцы, участники молодцы (@kate_domracheva спасибо за бэк), а я вообще супер-молодецотдельное спасибо девочкам Muah @tani_malikova Стилист @katya_fisher_

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