Getting Instagram Selfie Ready: The Basics



We all look fabulous when there is time to get ready. A touch of makeup here, a brush of the hair there, and… voila. Magnífico! It’s not the photo shoots that are booked in that are the problem but the ones that spring up out of nowhere. Picture the scene (no pun intended). You’re on a girl’s night out and a bestie shouts “selfie time everyone.” Or, maybe you’re walking down the street and see Ryan Gosling and can’t resist a pic. In this Instagram society we live in today, these are real concerns.

Thankfully, below are the tips to ensure your Snapchat date with The Gos is as dreamy as he is.

Front Or Back?

The majority of us use the front camera because it’s convenient and perfect for a self-picture. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the camera on the back has a higher resolution and is sharper. Now, this is a gift and a curse depending on how you feel on the day. For the times you know you look a million dollars, it’s better to be proactive and use the regular snapper on the back. If you’re not 100%, then opt for the front option instead. The lack of clarity should hide the flaws that make you the most self-conscious.


Regardless of your hair or makeup, your teeth will make an appearance. If they don’t, there’s a chance you’ll look like The Joker, and not the hot Heath Ledger type! How can a smile not be camera-ready you ask? Well, to start with, the mouth area may need a bit of cosmetic work to ensure it stands out for the right reasons. Don’t worry about going under the knife because has non-invasive treatments. Secondly, and as importantly, you have to know how to smile. Some people fight the flash, for example, and it looks silly. Practice in front of the mirror to perfect the art of smiling.

Lights, Please

What comes before “camera” and “action?” Its lights so don’t dismiss the lighting out of hand. Sure, you’re not David Bailey or some big-time director or producer, but a few basics go a long way. Natural rays are amazing in pretty much any location when you are outside says, but the composition changes indoors. Inside, it’s better to have the light shining in your direction to highlight your amazing features. Be careful to point it in your face or else you’ll squint. It’s the “fight the flash” all over again!


Let’s admit that we aren’t always happy with the result. Sometimes, we wish we had another chance at the snap. Alas, there are no take backs, or are there? Instagram, being the best BFF the world has ever had, has editing tools in case there are changes you want to make. A filter is a simple yet effective way to change the color scheme or the lighting, and therefore, alter the image. It may class as airbrushing, but no one cares when you look great!

Hopefully, you’ll be forever ready for a spontaneous Instagram post.

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