A Little Attitude Never Hurt Anyone

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A little attitude never hurt anyone. In the pursuit of our highest ambitions it can feel very tempting to be the nicest person possible. This is likely because you are a lovely, caring and smart individual. You understand that being nice as a default is effortless, something that has likely given you great friends and generally made your daily life very enjoyable. However, this can often have a negative effect that it can be important to plan for. When hoping to achieve something, sometimes nice isn’t the most useful trait. Sometimes, it’s not even the most desirable trait. Even further, sometimes it can keep a hidden sense of entitlement. If you’re nice and make an effort to be, it can often feel like you deserve to be rewarded somehow, as in people should be nice back. If they’re not, it’s easy to fall into a victim mindset. This doesn’t mean you should become cold, but it does mean living with the reality of daily life.

Bringing a little attitude in your life could help you in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

It Helps You Pursue Your Desires

In order to gain what you want, you need to consider yourself worthy of it. This might mean trying to get it before someone else. If being nice is your default state, you’ll often let people walk over you to get to that position. Competition is a necessary part of life, and of course it’s not considered ‘nice.’ Playing fairly is the best thing you can do in these circumstances. For example, going for a promotion, or considering running for a political party suggest that you consider yourself superior for the job.

This might mean enforcing your will with the greatest care possible. This helps you refine your craft, care about your future, and helps develop the best of yourself. For inspiration you may look for those who you would like to emulate, respectively seeing the habits of the CEO of your firm and competing that way, or learning who is Arizona Secretary of State and becoming interested in their path to competence and holding office. Everything is valid here.

It Helps You Defend & Attack

Those two words are quite visceral, and obviously we don’t mean in a combat sense. However, keeping a little attitude helps put people in check. This is important. People often do try and sense opportunities and can sometimes try to mislead or take advantage of you. When you have a little attitude, you won’t be fearful to defend yourself here. You might also be proactive, being able to call out bad behaviour where you see it, becoming a courageous and strong woman (the person you really are.) This helps you respect yourself, and allows other people to respect you. It allows you to contend with your partner rather than being victimized or dominated by them. It allows you to put yourself and family first. It also helps you learn the valuable art of saying ‘no’ when required. This is a very fantastic thing to do, and can serve you well throughout your life.

With these tips, you are sure to develop the keen sense of a careful attitude, and use it to your advantage.

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