Getting Married Abroad? How to Help Your Guests


So you’ve always imagined your wedding day on a sandy beach, with the ocean licking your feet as you say your vows. The problem, of course, is that there’s no sandy beach next to where you live. Is it really a problem? After all, the answer is quite obvious. If you want a beach wedding ceremony, all you need to find is a beautiful background for your big day. In other words, nobody is forcing you to get married in your hometown. You can just as easily look for a venue abroad. Yet, if you decide to carry on with your plans, you’ll need to take your guests’ safety and comfort into account. Not everyone is an experienced traveler. For some of your guests, the simple idea of finding themselves in a location they don’t know might be stressful, let alone if this location is in a foreign country. Here are a few tips to turn an abroad ceremony into a sweet treat for everyone.

Getting there as easily as possible

While you could leave it to your guests to organize their travel plans and book their plane tickets, you could also opt for an option that allows you to pre-booked seats for everyone. Indeed, when you’re traveling in a large group, you can experience some difficult booking your tickets through traditional airlines. However, you’ll find plenty of other options, such as using private jet aircraft – the cost of it could be shared across all your guests – for parties from 150 people to over 250. For people who travel to a new destination, it can be reassuring to find out that they are with other guests too. Additionally, when you book for a group, you can also ensure that all administrative operations can be tailored for the group. Your great-aunt won’t need to present a medical prescription to be allowed to take her medications on board, for instance. It’s the kind of information you can share along with the list of guests.

Where should they stay?

You’ll be surprised to know that most guests tend to wait until the very last minute before planning their trip, let alone their stay. If you want to make things easier for them, you can check options to reserve hotel blocks for your guests. As a rule of the thumb, you’ll find that you can get lower accommodation prices for group reservation than with separate room bookings, which could be advantageous for your guests. Additionally, this will give your guests the opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding so that there’s no awkward moment during the party.

Helping everyone to relax on the big day

Finally, when you’ve chosen an unfamiliar venue for your wedding – and a beach is rather unfamiliar – it’s a good idea to introduce activities and entertainment to help your guests ease on your big day. A creative photo booth could help to take the last awkwardness away and help people to start a conversation. Additionally, you can also plan a few informal approaches to ensure that you can talk to all your guests.

Contrary to the common belief, getting married abroad doesn’t have to bring organizational obstacles. All you need is to ease things down for your guests.


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