Bikini Beauty 101

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Stepping into your bikini for the first time of the season can be pretty daunting for anyone who isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model. So. if you’re getting ready to wear yours and you’re feeling a little nervous about the prospect, check out this guide to looking great in your swimsuit no matter what:

Find One that Flatters

Above all else, if you can find a bikini that you love and which suits your body shape, you will look so much better in your bikini. There are lots to choose from, so this can be a tough task, but there are lots of great guides, like the one at, which will help you to work out which styles should suit you best. Then it’s just a matter of choosing a design that you love.

Tone Up

Although you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt your body whatever your shape, generally speaking, the more fit and toned you are, the better you will feel in your bikini. So, with whatever time you have left before you slip into your swimwear, work on your body tone by taking Pilates classes, doing barre fitness practicing yoga or running., If that seems like too much hard work, will freeze your fat to obliteration so you don’t have to worry about it. Whatever works for you is fine by me!

Top Up Your Tan

Most people look way healthier when they have a nice tan, and tanned skin tends to look slimmer too. Not only that but a good fake tan can hide a multitude of sins such as stretch marks and spots that you might not want people to be able to see in all of their glory n the beach. So, unless you’re the pale and interesting type, topping up your tan is probably an excellent idea before you step into your bikini.

Straighten Out Your Spine

If you walk tall in your bikini, your stomach will automatically suck itself in and you will appear at least a few pounds lighter with absolutely no effort except the effort it takes to hold your head high.

Keep Makeup to a Minimum
When it comes to makeup, when you’re heading off to the beach in your bikini, less is generally more. A little mascara and maybe some lipgloss is all you need to look good and

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