If You Love BBQ Head to These States


For those of you who love BBQ food, there’s no better place to visit than the states. The variety of tastes to taste, and unique combinations to try is something that you just might not get to experience anywhere else in the world. So, aside from the many other amazing things that America has to offer, the food really is something you should be heading there for. But don’t get us wrong, not every state is going to offer you that quality BBQ food that you need. It might be able to offer similar, but nothing is going to come close to the states that we’re about to list below. Have a read of the information we’ve got below, and see if this makes you want to take a trip to one of these amazing states


If we’re going to talk about BBQ food, we’ve got to start by talking about Texas. It is known for the smoky flavours that the food is cooked with. Like with most traditional BBQ food, the meat is slow roasted to reach that perfect flavour. Luckily for you, staying in this beautiful state is cheaper than you think. A hotel in North Austin, Texas will cost you next to nothing, although like with most US hotels, it will only be room only, or potentially bed and breakfast if you’re lucky. However, the food there is really cheap to eat, and the portions that you’ll face will leave you in a mini food coma for most of the day! One famous Texas dish is the humble brisket. If cooked right, which it usually always is in Texas, it is some of the most flavoursome and juicy meat that you’ll ever eat.


This was a close second when choosing what states to discuss, but it definitely does have a lot of good points that we need to talk about. If you head to this state, you’ll often find yourself in a lot of restaurants that serve great food, but also great challenges. Think 60oz steaks, a huge portion of fries, coleslaw etc. Vs you. It would just be too much of a mountain to tackle, yet so many people so go there to get a taste of the amazing flavours they’re able to produce. One thing they do believe, is that pork is the best BBQ meat to cook. They know how to give it the richest flavour whilst keeping it as succulent as possible. Again, like Texas, Tennessee does love to slow cook the meat over the fire, continuously turning it and sloooow cooking it for days. You can imagine the flavour you would get from something like this! Again, staying there really isn’t going to be that expensive, just make sure you take plenty of spending money so you can enjoy the good food that you’ve come for.

These are just two states that we’ve listed, that we really think you would benefit from visiting. You’ll experience a taste sensation every day, something you definitely won’t be able to get in any other country.

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