5 Great Countries to Work in While You Travel

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Travel can get pretty expensive when you add up the cost of flights, accommodation and spending money which means most of us can’t do it as much as we’d like to. There’s nothing worse than having to come home and get back to normal boring life because you’re running out of money. But you can easily get around that if you start working while you travel. It’s the easiest way to move around without ever having to come back until you’re ready. People often think that working while traveling means that they won’t be able to enjoy exploring the countries that they visit but that’s not the case. Often, you don’t need to work that many hours to earn enough money to get by on so you can still spend the rest of your time discovering some amazing countries. If you’re fed up with being stuck at home and you want to go traveling for a long while, these are the best places to work while you travel.


China is one of the best places to work in Asia because there are so many opportunities there. It’s so much more modernised than a lot of other Asian countries which means you’ve got a far higher chance of finding work out there. The cost of living is low as well so you’ll be able to get by fairly easily and have plenty of money to enjoy your time there. One of the most popular ways to work out there is to teach English as a foreign language; you’ll get the chance to pick between a lot of different cities, you’re not just limited to Beijing. You’ll need a qualification before you can get teaching positions but it’s not difficult (visit https://www.tefl.com/ for details).

Shanghai and Hong Kong are both busy business hubs where you can find a job working as an office assistant etc. People have a lot of reservations about China because of their human rights records and the issues with pollution but it’s definitely a country that everybody should visit at least once in their lives.


Indonesia is another great Asian country where you can find work quite easily. It’s recently been going through a period of rapid development which doesn’t show any signs of slowing so there are always new opportunities popping up all of the time. There are also some amazing places to stay in Indonesia (visit https://www.rumah.com/rumah-dijual/di-area-medan-idsu14/dibawah-200juta-rupiah for more details) and some amazing sights to see. Again, you can find work teaching English as a foreign language or try to get work in the business sector. The capital city of Jakarta is probably your best bet because that’s the economic centre of the country. There has also been a big spike in tourism in Indonesia as a result of the development in the country so a lot of travellers are finding work in that industry as well.


Spain is an incredible country with amazing weather, a relaxed pace of life and delicious cuisine. If you like the idea of living over there for a while, you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a job out there. Obviously, tourism is a massive industry in the country and they get a lot of English speaking people visiting the country so they’re always looking for workers that can speak the language too. If you aren’t bothered about working in the tourism industry then you could consider au pairing instead. The best cities for finding work in are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla. There are some higher paying positions available in the business world but they’re incredibly competitive and you’ll need to learn Spanish before you can start applying for those.


After you’re done with Spain, why not head over to Italy. More beautiful food, sunshine and amazing landscapes and some great jobs to pay for your time there. Tourism is big in Italy as well and if you can learn enough of the language, you can make a decent amount of money giving tours of the tourist attractions in Rome and Venice. There are some more opportunities for au pairing out in Italy as well, especially during the summer. The summer period is also great for work at kids camps which are always looking for people. The benefit of working at a summer camp is that you’ll get your food and accommodation all paid for. People often use it as a way of saving up a big chunk of money so they can travel around afterwards. If you’ve got a particular interest in the fashion industry, you should definitely head out to Italy. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a job in some of the biggest fashion companies in the world.


Asia is good for jobs teaching English as a foreign language but Mexico is perhaps better. They’re always looking for people to teach in schools, local communities and even businesses and most of the time, you don’t need to know how to speak Spanish. If you’re teaching older kids or adults, you’ll just speak in English the whole time anyway. If teaching doesn’t seem like your kind of thing, there are some other great job opportunities in Mexico as well. The holiday resorts are often looking for people to help organise activities for the guests and you can easily find temp jobs working behind a bar. If you are fluent in Spanish, you might even be able to land a job in the business world.

Working abroad is a great way to fund your travel and really experience living in a place, rather than just staying there for a couple of weeks. You do have to be careful though because things can easily go wrong. The first thing to do is make sure that you’ve got the necessary paperwork (visas etc.) to work legally in the country, otherwise, your trip might be cut short if you get caught. You should also check out the company before you agree to work for them to make sure that they’re legitimate and you’re going to get paid properly.

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