Avoid A Lastminute.com Wedding By Handling These Jobs Early

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Brides, let’s face facts and admit there will be some things which are finished on the day. And, it’s not a bad thing because surprises are nice. Think about the gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’ll love their presents and wear them on the day to add to the experience. What about the “Thank You” cards? Sure, you can write them two-weeks in advance, but there is no fun in that. Better leave it to the last-minute and complete them in a mad rush.

These are the trivial things, the features which don’t make or break a wedding. The big stuff is stressful and tear-inducing and needs completing way ahead of time. Below is a list.

The Menu

You aren’t going to cook the food so there is no reason to worry. That is how brides and grooms think until the wedding catering company says time is of the essence. Now, when there are ingredients and dishes which might get tossed from the menu, the heat is on a high temperature and you’re simmering. Some say leave the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat, but you can always bypass it altogether. Developing the menu weeks ahead of schedule should ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner goes without a hitch.

The Honeymoon

Newlyweds can go on vacation anytime they please. There’s no reason to add pressure by dealing with a honeymoon. Save up first and then go when things have cooled down and you’re not as stressed. It’s a good idea until you realize this will cost you a fortune. Booking in advance is a surefire way to bag a bargain and jet off with a big budget. Don’t forget couples wait, on average, a year to get around to the best part of the wedding. Get the time off work and leave a week or two after the big day by being organized.

The Invites

Usually, the invitations are never last-minute. If they were, no one would turn up because of other engagements. Still, posting them two to three months beforehand isn’t a smart move either. By doing this, you aren’t giving the people you want to enjoy the occasion a chance to attend. Guests can be booked up six to eight months in advance of the date, which is why they need as much notice as possible. Some couples even send out invites as soon as they book the venue, whether it’s a year or eighteen months ahead of time.

The Fittings

The dresses and suits are picked, and all that’s left is to get people measured. Because it takes less than one hour, it’s easy to put it to the bottom of the list. Although measuring is quick and easy, tailoring and delivering wedding outfits takes time. And, there might be complications too. What happens if something is lost and goes missing? Three months before the wedding should give the supplier enough time to put the order together.

Are you getting married? Which jobs have been ticked off and which are still on the to-do list?

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