Wedding Bells: What To Think About Before The Big Day


Weddings are the one thing that we can spend so much time and money on, and yet it all feels worth it because you’re getting married to the one that you love, and you’re only planning on ever doing this once, so go big or go home, right? There are so many details that go into the planning, from who you’ll be inviting, all the way down to how to tie a necktie properly. It’s good to think about your preparations well before the date is near, because the more prepared you are, the less you have to worry yourself with last minute.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind before your big day.

Do you have the right budget?

As mentioned earlier, weddings are the time where an awful lot of money is usually spent, so it’s vital that you decide on a budget before you go splashing your cash, otherwise things can get very out of hand, very quickly. Everyone has different visions of how they want their day to go, but another thing that comes into play is the circumstances too. Weddings don’t have to be huge and royal and luxurious, they can be intimate and simple and sweet. There are no rules to how your day should be, so if you don’t have the necessary means to be extravagant – that’s okay. You may not want an extravagant wedding to begin with. The wedding can be just as magical – if not more – in a botanical garden outdoors with your closest family and friends, surrounded by the glow of lanterns, and the delish smell of barbecue roasting in the background thanks to the best man and his pals.

Is your potential venue accessible?

You may have your eyes set on the most beautiful venue that’s a little out of the way, whether that means a few hours drive, or a flight to a whole other country. Choosing a location is so important, not only because it should be somewhere that you both adore, but also because you want the best wedding photos to look back at of course! Having said that, you will need to think about whether all of your loved ones will be able to attend. This doesn’t mean you should refrain from getting married in the place of your dreams – it’s your day. But you will want to think about it before booking anywhere. The last thing you want to do is find your ideal destination, only to find out after sending out the invites that your Grandparents and best childhood friend can’t make it because they don’t have a passport.

Saying yes to the dress may not happen immediately

When thinking about that moment where you go into the bridal shop and try on dresses, you often envision that you’ll try a few, only to then try on THAT dress, and just know right away that it’s the one as you look at yourself in the mirror through teary eyes. Now, while that all sounds wonderful, you need to know that it doesn’t always happen this way. Sometimes you don’t have that grand eureka moment. Sometimes you’re torn between two dresses. The experience is different for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as special. So if you think you’ve chosen the one, but are concerned because you’re not screaming with joy, go away and remove it from your mind. It’s no good overthinking things. Then when you feel ready, go back and try it again with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes finding the one is merely being quietly content.

Things will most likely go wrong

The reason so many people tend to get so stressed out during the build up to their wedding, as well as on the actual day, is because they’re constantly trying to make sure that everything is going to run perfectly. And while of course you can’t blame them for wanting that – sometimes you just need to be a little bit realistic. You see, things go wrong, and they will most likely go wrong on the big day. Minor or major, you just can’t control every single thing that happens, and the more you try to, the more you’ll start to resent the day. This is your time to be consumed in your love, not hyperventilating because there’s no more fresh slices of lime. So learn to let some things go. As long as your partner turns up on the day, nothing else matters.

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