3 Amazing Reasons To Visit Texas


Texas is the largest U.S state after Alaska, and as such as an absolutely massive, wonderful and incredibly exciting culture, atmosphere and with that, many different reasons to travel there. It absolutely deserves your attention. When people think about their first trip to the States, they often think about visiting New York, Los Angeles, perhaps Chicago. This article will suggest that you make Texas and its constituent cities one of your first visits, especially in this absolutely incredible summer weather.

Here are 3 amazing reasons to place Texas at the top of your list:

Comedy Clubs

Some of the most underrated and yet critically acclaimed comedy clubs reside in Texas. While  you might have a very hard time enjoying a visit to the Comedy Store in New York, you can surely find amazing potential visiting the Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, or the Arlington Improv Comedy Club, in reach of many an incredible hotel in Arlington, Texas. Both of these clubs have been described as a favorite by some world-class and famous comedians, such as Joe Rogan and Norm Macdonald The appetite for comedy in Texas is massive, and as such massive headliners and incredible supporting comics make it a point to travel here. If you enjoy having your funny bone tickled, Texas could be the best possible place for that.


This list would be dishonest if it neglected to mention the stunning food you could find in this state. Carefully selecting the best items for you will be a thing of the past, as portion sizes and the cost of quality food is so favorable for the would be eater that you’ll likely put on some holiday weight. When it tastes this good, who could blame you? This is the authentic residence of the most amazing Southern food, especially sweet breakfasts. There are amazing artisan restaurants dedicated to the culinary perfection of this state, such as the history Guenther House in San Antonio , or the amazing Counter Cafe in Austin. If you’re hoping to head on a food tour, why choose anywhere other than Texas to begin with?

The People

Texas has been described as a place with a ‘general fundamental sense of affability, and a reliance on manners.’ Texas is so large that even the high population here is spread out, meaning that often the pace of life is much less intense than it would be in the parallel cities. For this reason, it’s not hard to see just how relaxed, comforting and polite people in Texas could be. From the service industry to the general locals and also those finding vacation time visiting the landmarks, Texas just has an incredible vibe about it. You’ll feel it from the moment you land. For those who care about the social makeup of a vacation spot, you could do much worse than this wonderful state.

With these simple reasons to visit Texas, you could potentially enjoy an alternative but much needed planned vacation to the United States of America.

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