Planning Your Perfect Bridesmaid’s Outfits


Your bridesmaids might be your sisters, your best friends, your cousins or other important women in your life. Some brides even decide to go the unconventional route and have a best man instead of a maid of honor. Whoever they are, you need to choose their outfits for the wedding. Of course, making sure that they have some input will help to make sure everyone is happy. There are a few things you’ll need to think about to ensure everyone is comfortable and looks beautiful too. Before you settle on what your bridesmaids will wear, consider these different elements.

Choosing a Color or Style

Before you plan out a full outfit, you’re probably going to want to start by thinking about color and style. You likely already have a color in mind if you’ve chosen the colors for your wedding. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick to a specific shade. You can explore some different options and even have a range of shades on your bridesmaids. The same goes for outfit styles. You might choose a general style but have slight variations for each bridesmaid. Consider what will look good next to your own dress and make sure you involve your bridesmaids too.

Dresses (or Not Dresses!)

Your bridesmaids’ dresses are obviously a key part of their outfits. If you’re determined that they’re all going to wear dresses, keep that in mind when choosing your bridesmaids. Someone who doesn’t usually like to wear dresses might be willing to for your wedding day, but do you really want to make her feel uncomfortable all day? Some brides are happy to explore other options, like skirts or smart pantsuits. For dresses, click here to find a range of lengths, colors and styles for great value. It’s great to choose dresses that can be worn again, and not just at super formal events.


Shoes are the other main element of your bridesmaids’ outfits. Your bridesmaids are going to be on their feet for a lot of the day, just like you are, so consider their comfort when choosing shoes. Many brides, even if they want their bridesmaids to all wear the same dress, are willing to be flexible when it comes to shoes. If you pick a color and perhaps a general style (or create some shoe rules), your bridesmaids can find a pair that they’re comfortable in. Everyone can buy shoes that fit well, look good and feel comfortable.


You might or might not want to make accessory choices for your bridesmaids. If you do, you might want to present them with a couple of options for each accessory, such as two different necklaces or pairs of earrings. Bridesmaid accessories are great to give as a gift, giving them something to keep from the day and helping them pay for their outfit. If you decide to let them choose, you can set guidelines on size, color and any other concerns you might have.

Let your bridesmaids help you to choose their outfits to make sure you get it right. They can provide valuable input and give their opinions on what they would prefer to wear.

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