Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Budget on Track

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Weddings these days can be quite an expensive affair. In fact, some brides have been known to spend in the tens and thousands when it comes to their special day. It’s staggering when you think that this amount could be the equivalent of a house deposit. However, it is so easy to let the costs spiral out of control so here are a few tips and tricks to keep your budget down to where it needs to be.

Have conversations and get quotes.

The first thing you need to do is discuss with your partner the type of wedding you want. Alongside that conversation, you would be able to decide on the size of your wedding you are having and the budget. It’s so important to set the budget you have at the beginning, so you know the guideline you need to adhere to. Without a clear budget, you can go a little crazy. It could also cause you to spend more on things when you don’t need to. Getting quotes on every aspect of your wedding is equally important. This is your benchmark. I always recommend working off a worst case scenario. This means that if a cost surprises you by being lower than you expected than some finances could be allocated elsewhere. Or you could upgrade what you are having. It avoids disappointment from the outset.

Get the important things out of the way.

Try and get some of the bigger things organised, negotiated and booked as soon as possible. Bookings made in advance can save you money as you get them at that price. Companies tend to put prices up year on year. You may think it’s early, but it’s always best to secure a lower price now than pay more nearer the time. This could be beneficial for things like your venue or your wedding photography options. I also recommend looking into the aspects of the wedding that cost the most money and work out any ways you can save yourself a little. Things like wedding stationery can take up a chunk of the wedding budget without you even realising. From orders of service to wedding invites.

Do you have a theme?

Stick to your theme from the minute you start wedding planning. It starts with your invitation and should flow right through your wedding. It can help you to come up with different ideas as well. However thinking about such details doesn’t mean upping your cost. It means that you can find alternative ways to have the magical day without spending a fortune. Websites like Pinterest are a great source of inspiration.

Research, research, research.

The last tip would be to research as much as you can. You can look into doing things yourself or get some quotes so that you can compare prices. Don’t accept the first price, always go back with a counter offer. The worst they can say is no. But, if you don’t ask you don’t get. The most important thing is not to let it overtake your life. Your wedding will be amazing whatever you spend as you are getting married to the love of your life.


So there you have it, a few tips and tricks to help keep your wedding budget on track. All there is left to say is good luck with your wedding planning.

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