5 Ideas for a Stylish Party


Maybe it’s your birthday, or maybe you’re just looking to celebrate something big. Whatever the occasion, you might want to throw a stylish party to have a great time and remember the event for years to come! But just how do adults throw parties these days – how can you make it stylish, without making it a rave fit for a bunch of teenagers? Hey, if raving is your thing, that’s cool – but the tips below probably won’t be of any use to you. Take a look and see what you can do to throw your own stylish party:

  1. Choose A Venue That Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Dressing Up

When you choose your venue, really take your time so you can find a venue that doesn’t need a lot of dressing up. This might be nigh on impossible, and you might still need to dress it up a little, but if you choose a beautiful venue it’s unlikely you’re going to want to mess with it too much. This will save you time on decorating and money on decorations. Make sure your venue is just the right size for your RSVPd guests, too. If it’s too large, it’ll look like nobody has turned up, even if they have. If it’s too small, people are probably going to want to leave from feeling claustrophobic!

  1. Plan To Arrive In Style

This is your party, and it isn’t very often you’ll get the opportunity to arrive in a limousine – so why not arrive in style with a service like http://www.fl-limousine.com/? You could also consider hiring out a vintage car, or hey, even arriving by helicopter if that’s your thing. Do your research and get an idea of how you’d like to show up!

  1. Have A Dress Code To Set The Scene And Create An Atmosphere

When everybody is wearing their best clothes, the atmosphere can change. Set a dress code so that everybody knows what they should be wearing, and this will set the scene and add to a really high-end, grown up atmosphere. If you like, you could even give a nod to a theme or an era that you really like, such as the Great Gatsby – fun to dress up in, but still stylish!

  1. Create Your Own Cocktail

Cocktails are a must at any stylish party, but how about creating your own signature cocktail for the night? Practice beforehand and see what sort of flavours you think work well together. Creating something everybody will like is pretty much impossible, so don’t worry about that too much! 

  1. Hire A Band

Music is a must for any party, but sometimes hiring a DJ can leave a lot to be desired? If you want a stylish party, you probably don’t want people doing the Macarena (unless you actually do, that’s your call!). Hiring a band can give you some great music, and you could potentially have a DJ on afterwards, or even a playlist that you’ve made yourself to ensure you avoid any music faux pas.

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