Own Your Statement Necklace with These Fashionable Tips


Statement necklaces have been a big trend for quite a while already now. And there are no signs that this trend is going to run out of steam anytime soon. In fact, it only looks to be getting more and more popular amongst women.

A really good statement necklace can help to liven up any outfit as long as you get it right. If you go for the wrong kind of necklace, it could stand out like a sore thumb and could really detract from the amazing garments that you may be wearing. So, as you can see, it’s important that you know exactly how to wear a statement necklace. Here are some valuable tips that any girl should know.

Keep Other Jewelry Understated

When you do put on a statement necklace, it needs to be the centre of attention. For this reason, it’s best to keep any other jewelry that you wear as understated as possible. You might want to click here to see some great examples of chic yet understated pieces. In fact, some people prefer to wear no other items of jewelry when they have a statement necklace on as they want to make sure that it attracts all the attention.

Pair With A Great Lippy

For some extra drama, why not pair your statement necklace with a fantastic lipstick? This will then make sure that all eyes are on you no matter where you may be! If you are going to wear a silver or sheer necklace, then think about wearing a bright red lip, as these colours will compliment one another. For a black or dark necklace, you will be safe with any shade of lippy, but for some extra dramatics, why not go for a dark purple lip? Of course, your lippy choice will also depend largely on your outfit of choice as well.

Don’t Shy Away From Patterns

Some people think that you shouldn’t wear a patterned top underneath a statement necklace, as it could make the whole outfit a bit too busy. Thankfully, though, that isn’t always the case. In fact, bold patterns can work really well with bold necklaces. Just make sure that the necklace is able to stand apart from the pattern or else it might go unnoticed.

Use It To Glam Up T-Shirts

One of the best things about statement necklaces is that they can really help to add some glam to a casual outfit. This is especially the case when it comes to a graphic t-shirt. Grab one of these tees and pop on your biggest and boldest necklace, and you might be surprised by just how glam you look!

Consider The Garment’s Neckline

When choosing which statement necklace to wear, it’s important that you consider the neckline of the garment that you will have on. Match the wrong necklace to the neckline, and your overall outfit could end up looking slightly odd.

There are lots of ways to wear a statement necklace. Don’t own one yet? Looks like it’s time to go shopping for one!

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