Plan Your Wedding in Comfort

If you’re planning a wedding, the winter months are perfect for getting down to the nitty-gritty. The days are shorter and it’s colder outside so what better than to curl up on the sofa, laptop or tablet in hand, and get prepping for your special day. Let’s go through some of the details you can get ticked off your list, so that come springtime you can be sat outside with friends and families telling them all about your special day.

For starters, the date and venue should go hand in hand. Understanding what you want from a venue might dictate to you the date rather than the other way around. For example, if you’re looking for more of a natural wedding setting then the weather is going to play a significant role in your decision. If you’re cold or having to dodge the rain, then you might not capture your ideal shot. To directly contradict that, maybe you want the white snow or frosted treetops. So getting the time of year right is essential.

Sticking with a natural wedding venue, you’re going to want to see some examples of other couples and their experience of getting hitched outside. Take one of the most picturesque locations on the planet, the mountains. No two mountain ranges are the same and getting the right backdrop to your perfect day is solely down to personal taste; do you like a luscious green scenery? Or would you rather a snowy peak? Explore your options when it comes to getting married outside, don’t just get stuck in the traditional landmarks like the Rockies, get exploring and discover more to give yourself a better chance of finding the perfect location.

Moving away from the outside, what about the city lover? You like the high rises, the architecture and feel at home in the hustle of somewhere like Toronto or New York. Your options are going to be a lot more varied as you ask yourself questions like what does a cityscape mean to you. You could use your wedding as an opportunity to travel to London and get married in a royal location or maybe the infamous landmarks like the Empire State Building or the CN Tower. It’s your wedding and the world is your oyster, especially when it comes to celebrating you and your partner.

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Now you have the location and hopefully the date sorted, you’re going to be looking at the other parts of the day that will make sure it looks and feels just how you want to it to. Remember, nothing is too big or too small for your wedding.

A personal touch on your wedding day will go a long way. Quite often it will be the thing your guests take away and remind you of for years to come. We’ve all seen a ceremony and had a wedding cake, but not everyone has seen your wedding ceremony or had your wedding cake, so make it unique. Expressing yourself in your vows doesn’t have to just bring a tear to the eye but can make you laugh and show all of your attendees just what is special between you and Mr or Mrs right.

The cake, it’s mentioned above but it can’t be mentioned enough. While you’re sitting in your winter woollies, take the time to research cake shops that will deliver to your venue and check to see if they do free tastings. And don’t be afraid of expressing yourself through your cake, everyone will be taking a picture of you and your partner cutting the cake so don’t feel like you have to go traditional. If you have a shared love like travel or an inside joke about food, then trust your bakery to demonstrate your passion.

Freebies aren’t something to be ashamed of finding. Weddings are expensive things so the more free stuff you can get, the better. A cursory glance around the web will help you cut costs on vital things that you don’t want to spend big on so that you have more cash to throw at the things that you want to spend money on.

One example of how the modern world is helping to save you money on your wedding is the rise of music streaming apps. Check with your venue if they have a good enough sound system or at least the facilities to house one and get planning your music between the two of you. You can be the bride, groom and the DJ. Most importantly, that means the music you and your guests are dancing to are what you want to hear and not a DJ’s favourite track. It will be time-consuming to compile a playlist but you’ll both be able to contribute and dancing around the kitchen listening to your tracks will give you a taste of what your special day will be like, months away from the action.

You’ve ticked off a lot of details now for yourselves, but you have guests coming and want to make sure that they leave your wedding full of positivity and happy memories. With the money you have saved elsewhere, you could put together a welcome bag. Maybe an old-fashioned disposable camera so that you can all look back on a candid view of your big day. Think about the favours and the different age ranges at your wedding breakfast, keeping the younger guests occupied with a little table fun could just give their parents the room to cut loose in a way they haven’t in years.

Ultimately the plan now is not to let the shorter days and colder months get you down. You’re getting married soon and it’s time to get excited, plan your day and be ready to love, celebrate and show the world just what those special I Do works mean to you.

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