Wedding Jewelry Guide


When it comes to your wedding it is all about being laced in stunning diamonds and feeling like a million dollars. Jewelry provides the perfect finishing touch and can make you feel like a real-life princess. Moreover, you also need to ensure your bridesmaids are adorned beautifully as well. They all need to match, but they certainly shouldn’t outshine the bride. Keeping that in mind, this blog post covers all of the key areas of consideration in relation to wedding jewelry.

What types of jewelry should you buy for your bridesmaids?

Before delving into the jewelry you should buy for yourself, it is important to determine what you are going to purchase for your bridesmaids. After all, you will want them to look good on your big day as they are going to be accompanying you down the aisle. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that you will want to spend a great deal of money on bridesmaid jewelry as you already have a lot to pay for. Look for a matching set. You could either go for a pair of fashion earrings and a necklace, or what about a bracelet and a pair of earrings instead? A lot of people tend to opt for pearl jewelry when they are buying for their bridesmaids, as the bride should be the one in sparkly diamonds.

How do you match your wedding jewelry?

When buying jewelry for yourself you want to make sure each piece complements one and other. However, very few brides like to buy matching sets. They prefer each piece to be special. Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep everything in one consistent style and don’t mix metals.

One recommended option is custom jewelry. By going down this route you will be able to have the jewelry made to suit your exact taste. You will benefit from expert insight as well. Moreover, bespoke pieces of jewelry are a lot more special. You will be the only person in the world with that piece of jewelry. You can also incorporate some symbolism into the design.

How to pick a jewelry design with your wedding dress in mind

Last but not least, you will obviously need to consider the jewelry you select in relation to your wedding dress. Princess dresses are extremely popular at present. If you are going for one of these you should play towards the loudness of the dress. Why not go for a fully diamond encrusted necklace?

On the other hand, if you are planning on wearing a classic dress, you should keep the jewelry simple and elegant as well. Drop earrings work beautifully with classic styles. Select a subtle necklace and bracelet to go with the earrings.

Finally, if you are going for an old-school glamour style of dress, i.e. the ones associated with old Hollywood, you need to add a touch of extravagance. However, be careful not to overdo it. A dazzling cuff would complement the dress perfectly.


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