How To Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

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The holiday season is the perfect excuse to get together with those you love and throw a festive party. However, the responsibility of hosting this event, while fun and exciting, is also quite daunting. After all, you want things to go to plan and for your guests to have fun, but, with the expectations set by sitcoms and holiday films, it can be difficult to compete. Instead of spending your entire evening worrying, here are six tips to help you throw the ultimate Christmas party.

  1. Invite The Right People

The whole purpose of a party is to have fun with friends and family, which is why you should consider your guest list carefully. Make sure you invite people you know do or can get along well together and keep new introductions to a minimum. You could also avoid individuals you know will cause tension. This helps to prevent awkward silences or family feuds throughout the night.

  1. Call For Ugly Sweaters

For a great conversation starter and a few giggles during festivities, you can ask that all guests attending your party wear an ugly Christmas jumper. If you didn’t want to be so strict with your dress code, then you could have them come in festive colors, like red and green, instead. This will boost the festive vibes of your party and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

  1. Stick To Simple Decorations

The extravagant Christmas parties often shown on TV set an unrealistic and overwhelming standard for everyone else. Instead of filling your home with tinsel, lights, and more, you should just stick with the basics. As long as you have a tree and a few sprigs of mistletoe here and there, your guests will be more than happy, especially if everyone is dressed up festive anyway.

  1. Remember The Festive Drinks

Every party needs food available to tide guests over, but, more often than not, it’s the drinks that most care about. With that in mind, you should ensure you have plenty of festive options to choose from. To make this easier, you could hire a bartending service, like The Bartender Company. With their help, you can create and serve custom Christmas drinks to your guests.

  1. Create A Festive Playlist

No party is ever truly complete without music. Because of this, you should take the time to create a long playlist full of festive jams. If you need some help building this playlist, then you could ask all of your guests to choose and add their favorite Christmas song to the mix. This means that everyone will have a chance to listen to music they love.

  1. Keep The Entertainment Coming

There is only so much standing around, drinking, and talking that your guests can do before they grow bored. To keep everyone in high spirits, you should plan plenty of activities to keep them entertained throughout the night. You could plan festive party games, set up a photo booth full of Christmas props, or sing along to your party playlist on a karaoke machine.

Throwing a Christmas party can be a daunting task, but, hopefully, with the tips above, yours will be a huge success.


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