Winter Wedding Wonderland


In the USA and Canada, Spring and early Summer are the most popular time to throw a romantic wedding party. Most couples prefer warm months such as May and June over July and August which can sometimes be too hot for an outdoor ceremony. September is a popular month also with plenty of glorious warm and earthy tones for your wedding pictures. But when it comes to the period between November and February, winter weddings are less popular. For many, the obvious reason is the weather. It can feel extremely uncomfortable to plan and prepare a party with guests when you’re worried about ruining your dress in the mud or trying to hold on to your tiara in a gulf of wind. However, there are plenty of excellent reasons why a winter wedding can be a wonderful celebration.

Why you should consider a winter wedding: Amazing venue

Who says winter says winter landscapes, and where best to admire mesmerizing and raw sceneries than in Iceland, the country where snow, volcanoes and fairies are said to live in perfect harmony? Admittedly, nobody is suggesting you should plan it all yourself; instead get in touch with professionals such as You want someone who understands the diversity of this rugged island to make the best of your big day.  

Stop a moment and think of your winter jewelry

Your wedding jewelry is an essential part of your bridal outfit. But, when comes winter fashion, you can make the most of your necklace, pendant, and earrings to add a touch of glamour to your warm gown – let’s be honest, if you’re getting married in Iceland in winter, you’re likely to be looking for bridal wear that is suitable for the location. Consequently, you can go over the top with statement jewelry to add a new sense of femininity to your outfit. Creamy white and pale blue shades are a winner in winter as they remain of snowflakes.

Seriously, is there a better season to eat cakes?

Who says wedding says cakes, right? Every wedding party will have its cake, but when you’re planning a winter ceremony, you can remember the golden rule of the cold months: You’re allowed a few extra calories to help your body stay warm. Consequently, if you’re a cake lover, you’ll adore the idea of a slice of sweet gorgeousness in the Winterland colours – see –  with none of the guilt. Admittedly, the guilt might creep up on you after your third slice, but in the meantime, you can ask for something decadent without feeling out of place.

Your advantage as a body-conscious bride

Every bride is beautiful. But most of them feel the need to sign up with a personal trainer and nutritionist to boost their body confidence ahead of the big day. The truth is that brides shouldn’t feel they have to lose weight for their wedding. But, bridal fashion can make it difficult to feel pretty in your dream dress; as the trend is to figure-hugging and revealing outfits. With a winter wedding, you’ve got the perfect excuse for beautiful and body-covering bridal gowns that make you feel good about yourself.

Winter weddings may not be the most popular choices, but they can combine the best of romance in wonderful landscapes with the touch of comfort and fun you need from the choice of your favourite cake to a sleeved-gown to die for.


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