Graphic Novels. Yay or Nay?


I’m not always that adventurous when it comes to my book choices. I’m a fiction junkie, maybe with one or two non-fiction per year. But for 2020 I really wanted to shake it up. So in a recent order on my favourite website I filled my cart with a good mix!

I have a degree in art history. And seven years out of university I was excited to find some great art non-fictions. As I was browsing I added “Becoming Andy Warhol” to my cart without much thought and moved on. This past weekend I grabbed it off the shelf and took my coffee outside to settle in and learn something new. But when I opened the book, I discovered it was a graphic novel!


I’m not familiar with graphic novels. Besides reading Persepolis in school, I’ve never chosen to read a graphic novel and truthfully, have never really had much interest. But like I said, I’m interested in shaking things up, so why not? I dove right in, and the 152 page book took me about an hour and a half to read. But I’m yet unable to explain to you what I read.

Is it me? Is it because I don’t know graphic novels? Or was it supposedly written with a need for prior knowledge? I just couldn’t follow the story. Who was who? When was it? Where was it?

The story jumped from place to place through the dialogue and scenes, and I just wasn’t able to follow any sense of flow. So I thought it was time to look into graphic novels some more to be able to accurate rate this one. So I turn to you my friends, what should I read?

What would you suggest to your graphic novel newbie friends? I’m open to suggestions.

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