The Art of Shelving

There is nothing more satisfying that scrolling through instagram and coming across an aesthetically pleasing shelfie. But putting together an artfully arranged bookshelf isn’t such an easy task. I still have work to do to be happy with my shelves, but here are some tips and tricks for mastering various versions of the shelf-selfie:

The Rainbow Shelf



Organize your books based on their colour. Remember your rainbow pattern? ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Follow this pattern of book spine colours for a mesmerizing rainbow shelf aesthetic.



The Sparse Shelf

Arrange your books around empty spaces and chosen decorative pieces that catch your eye or have a special meaning to you. Frames and lights work too! This really helps to bring a personal touch to your shelves and can help tie in colours and themes around your room

The Shelfless Shelf


Sometimes, you don’t even have bookshelves to place your books on! Never fear my friends, there are so many different ways to display your books. Using decorative crates, rolling carts, or even just a well placed pile of books on the floor can help create a more relaxed aesthetic. No need to spend all the money on the shelves!

The Green Shelf


And what a better way to fill some of the gaps then with house plants! Especially in this quarantine time, with so many endless hours spent indoors, the green can really add to your environment. For me, plants bring a sort of happiness to my space, adding to the joy I get when I’m browsing my shelves for a new story.

How do you like to organize your shelves? Mine are somewhere between rainbow and sparse right now. I’d love to see your pictures!



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