YA books by black authors you need to read now


It’s not enough to be a good person, think good thoughts, or post a black square on Instagram on #blackouttuesday. You, me, we, have all benefited from a system built for us, and against the black community. It’s not okay to sit silent. It’s not okay to remain uneducated. It’s time to join a conversation, question yourself, take action.

Growing up white is a privilege. But growing up uneducated is unacceptable. It may not be easy to understand a community that you aren’t a part of, but that is no longer an excuse. It could be as simple as changing what you’re planning to read next and immersing yourself in a new story, a new world, a new community.

Take a look at these 4 YA novels from black authors that you need to read now, all read and approved with five stars:


What to do when a Loved One Dies


It’s an inevitable part of life when we lose people that are important to us, but it’s not always straightforward to know what to do after they have passed away.

There are several steps to take and it’s likely that it’ll become a little overwhelming and at points, likely that you might forget plans that need to be made. It’s entirely understandable and will largely depend on the support network that you have around you. Make sure that you accept any assistance that is offered to you, to help ease the burden on yourself.

It’s a stressful and emotional time, so it’s important that you go through the process as smoothly as you can.

Get a legal pronouncement of death

Usually this will be automatically done if there was a doctor present at the time of death. If that’s not the case and the death occurred at home or elsewhere, then you will need to call 911 for the death to be pronounced in the emergency room by a doctor.

If your loved one dies under hospice care, then the death can be declared by the nurse on duty, who can then help arrange for the body to be transported to a mortuary.

Notify the appropriate people

You will need to notify the deceased registered doctor or the county coroner. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to notify their family and friends and pass on the sad news. Depending on the amount of people that need contacting, it is often wise to ask others to help notify other people who will want to know.

Think about their home situation

There are many variables that can come into play here and it’s likely that any dependents such as children, will be high up on the list of priorities. However, don’t forget about any other types of dependents that the deceased may have had, such as pets. They will need to be rehomed as soon as possible, or at least looked after by you in the interim.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on their home while their will and financial affairs are sorted out. Go through and clear out any food, collect their mail and water any plants that may be in the property.

Arrange the funeral service

You will need to find out what their wishes were regarding a burial or cremation. The funeral home will largely guide you through the process, where you will need to decide the particulars such as choosing caskets made from steel or ones that are made of wood.

Contact their employer

It’s often not the first thing that people will think of, but if they were still in employment then you will need to get in touch with their employer to let them know. This is for the obvious reason that they will be expecting them to turn up for work, but also to request information about the benefits that they had in place, what pay they may still be due and whether or not they had a life insurance policy.

Obtain death certificates

These are usually available from the funeral home and you will need them for proving their death to government agencies, insurance companies and financial institutions.

What You Need for the Perfect Wedding Photos


Your wedding photos give you solid memories of your special day. Of course, you will always remember how you feel on the big day, but it’s also wonderful to have photos that you can look back on whenever you want to reminisce. Getting your wedding photos right is often seen as one of the most important parts of planning and executing a wedding. The wedding itself might only last one day, but the photos are enduring and could survive for generations. You want them to be photos that you can be proud to keep and show to other people. If you want to get it right, consider the following things that you need for the perfect wedding photos.

A Photographer Who Understands You

The right photographer is clearly essential when you get married. There are many photographers to choose from, all of which can offer different photography styles and services. You need a photographer who understands what you want from your photos and how they can help you to capture your day. The first thing that you should do is check what style a photographer uses, from documentary style to more classic portraiture. Look at their portfolio for examples of previous work. Of course, talking to the photographer to find out how they can help you is essential before you decide who will be best for your needs.

The Right Venue

The venue is going to make a big difference in your wedding photos. It will influence the look and feel of your photos and the different locations that you can use. When you choose a venue like The Grand Hall, you can make the most of various parts of the venue, using them as backdrops for your photos. You might want to look for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spots that you can use, or you might specifically want a venue that has a certain architectural or interior style.

A List of Photos That You Want

Knowing what you want from your wedding photography is necessary if you want to get it right. One of the things that you will need to know is which photos you want to have, including who is in them, where you want to take them, and what you want them to look like. As well as photos from the ceremony and reception, and in between, you might also want photos of things like the bride and groom getting ready, the wedding invitations, the table settings, and more.

Help with Your Look

Looking perfect on your wedding day is always going to be a top concern, but it’s not just looking good in person that matters. You also need to look good on camera if you want to have the perfect wedding photos. If you have been considering doing your own makeup, hiring a professional makeup artist could be the better option. They can do your makeup so it will be more noticeable on camera.

Make your wedding photos perfect by taking the time to plan your photography. Don’t rush to choose the elements of your wedding without thinking about how they might look on camera.