My Top 5 Favourite

For a true lover of books, choosing favourites is hard. Do you choose a favourite child? NO! So how are we expected to choose favourite books? Yet this is the number one question I get asked: “What are your favourite books?”

For the purpose of finally putting this question to rest I’ve forced myself to make some decisions here. And now, hopefully, when I get asked this question again I can simply plop this link in your inbox and be done with it (although I guarantee I’ll change my mind within a few weeks). But for now, July of 2020,  here are my top 5 favourite books of all time: (more…)

HP Weekly – June 22, 2020

Best and Worst Movie Character Representations

For major book lovers, actor choices in movies can be a major point of contention. The Harry Potter universe is no exception. Character representations are a hot conversation topic amongst fans and opinions are widely ranging. Wondering what my opinion is on the best and worst character representations in the 8 Harry Potter and 2 Fantastic Beast films? (more…)

Spoiler Alert Review: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes


For those who haven’t read the Hunger Games prequel yet, don’t read on. Spoiler warning! But you want my initial thoughts? Reading this book was a chore. I’m drained, physically exhausted, and overall deeply disappointed in this addition to a well-loved franchise.