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How To Deal With 3AM Wake-Ups



Whether you’re traveling, working, or just have trouble sleeping, 3AM wake-ups are tough. You’re not only waking up at an ungodly hour, you’re starting what is most likely going to be a long freakin’ day. So how do you prepare for something like this? I’ve been working at 4AM this week, and therefore waking up just before 3AM. So this is how I deal with the early wake-ups:

Relax: I always do my best to get 8 hours sleep. So when waking up at 3AM, that means bedtime at 7PM. I hate it. It reminds me of getting in trouble and being sent to bed early as a kid. But it’s not that bad if you relax. You need some ‘me’ time to turn yourself off. Nothing worse than to go-go-go, then jump into bed all tightly wound. So take a deep breath, or my favourite, take a bath with Bath and Body Works Sleep Aromatherapy Lavender and Chamomile bubble bath. Hands down the most relaxing scent I’ve ever experienced. Breath deep for best results, a relaxed, sleepy bliss. Paired well with a big cup of Celestial Sleep Time Extra Tea!

Early to Bed: Like I said, 8 hours sleep. So the earlier the better. I find that if you’re not used to waking up that early then you’ll have trouble sleeping – waking up every half hour staring at the clock, hoping you didn’t sleep in or miss your alarm. So if you want 8 hours, give yourself more. After a few days in a row you might need naps thrown in there too.

Prepare for the Day: There is no way you’re waking up early enough to do anything but get dressed and go. So be completely prepared. If you’re traveling, NEVER attempt to pack that morning when you wake up. You should be 100% ready to go. Heading to work? Pack your lunch and lay out your clothes the night before.

Hydrate: When you’re not used to these early mornings and weird schedules they can take a toll on your body. You get hungry earlier and your whole eating schedule is out of whack. So stay hydrated! I get stomachaches the first few early mornings, and I know that I need to drink lots of water the night before and the early morning of. No need for travel or workday migraines and achy tummys.

Stick to Essentials: As much as you may love a full face of make-up maybe just skip it today. On these days, it’s a three item routine. Face powder, eye liner, mascara. Get dressed then out the door. No time for anything else. Stick to your essentials, you’ll find it’s quite refreshing.

Anyone else have experience with early wake-ups? We weren’t meant to see these hours of the day.


The Evening Routine + A Bath



Everyone has a nightly routine before bed. Sometimes its as simple as a splash of water and brushing your teeth, but for those who enjoy the finer things in life and a truly clean and well moisturized face it’s a whole lot more. So here’s my nightly routine (with a bath thrown in the middle about once a week).

First thing’s first, the best part of my day, putting my hair up. I then start my facial routine by removing my makeup with my Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Makeup Remover. I use just a little on two round cotton pads and place them over my eyes. I always try not to wipe too much since the skin around my eyes is so sensitive. Everyone should be really careful when rubbing near their eyes. I then do a thorough cleanse using my Body Shop Gentle Aloe Foaming Face Wash making sure to work it into my skin all the way from my hairline to my jaw line and everything in between, splashing it off with warm water. The face wash is the only aspect of my routine that I’m ever willing to change up a little, since I always find it quite hard to lock down a favourite in this category. I’m not too sure how much I love this Body Shop cleanser. The remainder of my routine is non-negotiable though! After I dry my face I use a little bit of my Clinique Clarifying Toning Lotion 2 on a cotton pad to get rid of any dirt or impurities left over on my face. Next, my Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum to pre-moisturize my face for added hydration. To moisturize my face I go between two different products depending on my hydration needs. On a regular day-to-day basis I’ve been using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for about 6 years now. But for days when I need added hydration, I’ve been using a few drops of the Josie Maran Argan Oil.

About once a week I treat myself to a bath, which I would insert into this step of the evening routine. These baths require 3 things: A good bubble bath/bath bomb, a good candle, and a deep moisturizing hair masque. I’ve tried quite a few bath bombs from Lush, but I find that I prefer a foaming liquid bubble bath. I love the Bath and Body Work’s Lavender and Chamomile Luxury Bath from their aromatherapy sleep line. Along with this amazingly relaxing scent, I love to pair it with my Bath and Body Work’s French Lavender Mason Jar Candle. And to top it off, I love to use that bath time for my L’Oreal Power Moisture Rush Mask. I just run a little through my hair and leave it in for the entirety of my bath, rinsing it out whenever I’m done and combing my hair really well!

After the face cleansing routine, and a bath, there is nothing left to do beside make a cup of Sleepy Time Tea and get into bed in comfy PJ’s and with a good book! Just a little bit of Blistex Daily Conditioning Cocoa Butter on my lips to ensure flake-free conditioned lips in the morning.

What do you do for your nightly routine? Do you have ‘the regulars’ or do you like to switch it up? I have a long list of new products to try as soon as others are all used up so I look forward to updating it soon!

Top 5 – April


It’s been such a quick month, so quick in fact that I barely even thought about beauty products let alone my top 5 favourites of the month. But of course skipping a month isn’t an option so I managed to bring together a few of the things that I’ve been using quite a bit this month and truly been enjoying.

1. The Body Shop’s Wild Rose Hand Cream: This is the perfect size for carrying in my purse and is such a lovely scent. I can thank EssieButton for my obsession with Rose. I absolutely love the scent, although a friend of mine thought I had just applied hairspray after smoothing some of this over my hands – obviously our senses are not on the same page.

2. Nyx Natural Neutral Palette: This little guy is the perfect travel size and all the basics. I spent a good chunk of this month in Winnipeg for work and seriously couldn’t have been bothered to bring a ton of makeup, which is why I love this palette for work trips. All the simple, everyday colours together in one convenient package.

3. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector: This tube has been in my clutches for a few years now and I feel that I never truly appreciated it’s potential until just recently. I’m not a huge lover of gloss, but this is the perfect amount of gloss, shine, colour and nourishment, all the while remaining quite natural. They kinda smell like vanilla, which some days I love and some days I hate. Totally worth the hefty price.

4. Bath and Body Work’s French Lavander Candle: I just picked this one up recently…as in a few days ago. But I love the scent so much that it has beat out everything else to make the top 5 list of this past month. I LOOVE lavender. I know I’ve mentioned it many times before but I have an obsession. If I could have fresh cut lavender in my house 24/7 I would. But alas, that is highly unlikely. So this candle is the next best thing. It is so fresh smelling that I feel as though I actually do have fresh cut lavender in my house. I love it!! I should have bought a bigger size.

5. American Apparel’s Bow: I recently got a hair cut that I’m not too hot about. And instead of chopping more off in order to fix it, I want to grow it out. Yet when I wear my hair down (everyday I’m not at work), I don’t feel comfortable until I pull half back. I have a few clips and can mix it up, but I wanted something funky and new. I already had a small beige bow from American Apparel, so I went and picked up a bigger one. I love it!! Its so girly, and cute! I don’t care if it seems big to the point of being silly, thats why I love it so much!!

So there you have it. What have you been loving this month?