Things I Want My Kids to Know

The contouring, airbrushing, incredibly unnatural world we live in can sometimes get out of hand. Body shaming, self hate – they’re all terms that are heard much too often and they don’t seem to be worrying anyone. Yet I find, on a regular basis, I stop in my tracks, taken aback at the way people view themselves today and the pressures our society has put on us.

I myself admittedly have always had issues loving myself. But how can you be surprise? Look at what I’ve watched on TV and read in magazines while growing up. I’ve too often believed that I need to look a certain way, or act a certain way, and I’ve struggled and gone through great lengths to do so. I often have these existential revelations and berate myself for thinking this way and end up determined to love myself exactly the way I am – but when I walk down the street as a 24 year old professional and still get looked up and down with a judging eye I feel horrible about myself, even when they may just be admiring my shoes or have no thoughts about me at all.

Yet, on the rare occasions that the internet does something right, I find that I can be uplifted and my doubts, fears and worries can be turned around. The internet needs to do a better job of bringing these things to the forefront, but when I see videos like the one below I realize:

1. I’m beautiful

2. Other people think that too

3. I’m myself. It’s different and that’s okay

4. I can do anything I want.

These are the videos, words, and images that need to go viral. Not a video of a panda bear sneezing or people hurting themselves. Now if only everyone else can think these things about themselves then maybe we’ll be happier and the world will be a move positive place.Take a look – I know it’s an older video but it says the things that are important NOW. You’re beautiful, and you shouldn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks.

Guest Report with Megan

DSC08683-1 DSC08702-1

Megan is one of my closest friends and has been one of my biggest supporters since I started my blog over a year ago. So when I decided to make my ‘Guest Report’ a monthly edition, she was one of the first I asked for a contribution (I’ll be coming for you all eventually – there are a lot of months in a year). As a fellow blogger, Megan knows what is already on everyone’s mind, Autumn! With the A/W Runway shows recently coming to an end and magazine covers turning to warmer colours and longer sleeves, Megan wants to share her Fall Must Haves. Here’s what she had to say:

“I know, I know, I know. It’s still summer and you’re all going to say that it’s to early to think about the upcoming fall, but I just love fall, and it is coming up fast!

Autumn is definitely my favourite season for fashion, and I love the style that comes with it. It is never too early to start styling your fall collection, and making sure you have those solid key pieces will help create great looks this fall. Whether you are going back to school, or are a full time working lady, these fall must-haves are great to have in your collection.


A good pair of boots

A few scarves

Dark nail polish

A vampy lipstick

A blazer

A good pair of leggings

A trusty neutral coloured handbag

A denim shirt

Dark skinny jeans

A solid pair of black sunglasses

Some good arm candy

A classic jacket (my go to choice is definitely a good trench coat)


With these fashion staples in your collection it is so easy to create many different looks, without breaking the bank. Adding in a trendy piece here and there or layering up different outfits is all you need to stay fashionable and warm this fall.”

What are your Fall essentials? Stay tuned for more from Megan, whose blog should be live very soon. I’ll share the link once it’s up and running. Thanks Megan!

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Shower Time Trifecta


My constantly changing shower routine has seen overlapping combinations that just do not work together. But with a few random selections recently, I have discovered the greatest combination with the most heavenly scent!

I am drawn to very fresh scents, especially anything that smells herbal like mint or maybe even lemongrass. It just makes me swoon. The first of the trio is The Body Shop’s Olive Shower Gel, which I’ve been using for quite awhile now. I would have never thought to purchase an olive scented body wash, but this big bottle was gifted to me and I’m incredibly happy to have been introduced to the Body Shop’s Olive line. Along with scrubbing this all over my body and smelling amazingly fresh, the addition of the Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo creates a scent duo that I obsess over. The Naked collection from Herbal Essences is silicon, paraben and dye free and the moisture collection is infused with mint, doing wonderful smelly goodness in my hair! It’s a new shampoo love. And finally, the third aspect of this scent trifecta is the L’Oreal Power Moisture Rush Mask, which I use about once a week as a deep moisturizing conditioner. I haven’t yet been able to pinpoint the scent of this product but it is absolutely heavenly. Very fresh smelling – something along the lines of lavender or juniper or something of that category. Sadly when you look up the ingredients of this product you’ll find that it is ‘perfum/fragrance’ and is therefore not a natural ingredient that is making it smell so amazing. But my experiences and success with this product allow me to overlook that fact.

This trifecta makes showers exciting, and I love how the scent follows me around all day. Definite repurchases of all these products in the future.

Do you have products that create amazing combinations?