Sephora Loves BITE Event


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My lifelong search for a ‘ME’ lip colour has been complete. While in Boston I had the chance to attend the “Sephora Loves BITE” Event at the Prudential Mall. BITE, a Canadian based all natural lip care company, created 25 colours specifically for the event – a 2-day-only opportunity to purchase colours that will never again be found in the BITE world.

The lovely ladies and Sephora helped me find my colour after I described my plum/burgundy preferences. After some exfoliating and priming, we found it. #8 (which, sorry to say, wont mean anything to you). I then got to choose the finish – matte, luminous, or luster. Of course…you know me. Matte all the way. It allows for the possibility of full or light pigmentation, and if you want to shine it up just add a clear gloss on top. The perfect solution that allows for a ton of possibilities. And finally, I chose a scent. Since BITE is all natural ingredients, the lipsticks are literally edible. The scent options were Citrus, Cherry and Blueberry….what did I pick? OBVI blueberry. Nothing makes me happier.

After all options were picked, the BITE representative created my lipstick in front of me. Melting the pigment and matte together and adding a few drops of the scent. She then placed the melted concoction into a mold and placed it on top of a vibrating machine that looked like it was frozen (not quite sure of the actual procedure here….would love to find out though) After about 5 minutes it was solid and she slipped it into a lipstick casing. And there we have it, my very own customized BITE lipstick!!! And it’s a perfect ME colour!!

Have you used BITE before? Has anyone ever gone to BITE HQ and created their very own shade?


Wishlist #4 – New Products

As I previously said in my June Favourites post I’ve been in a real rut with my products lately. So Its about time I created a New Products Wishlist. These are just a few highlights of what I’m looking for and what bits I’m looking to shake up a little.

Anyone have any opinions, suggestions, or comments of these ones?

–       Origins GinZing Cleanser

–       Origins Clear Impressions Charcoal Mask

–       Bumble & Bumble City Swept Hairspray

–       Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

–       Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Pink Peony


–       Clinque Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-a-Boo


–       BITE Beauty Lush Lip Tint