Recent Workout Roundup #1


After my recent move across the Greater Toronto Area I made the decision to cancel my gym membership. When it comes to working out, it has to be easy and convenient. No longer was the gym in a convenient location, no longer were my favourite classes offered at convenient times, and I was wasting my money on something that I wasn’t using. But with forgoing the gym membership I knew I had to find something new to get myself into shape. So welcome to the first edition of my Recent Workout Roundup, sharing with you all my favourite workout activities lately and how they’ve been working for me.

(First, let me ask you to be kind. My body is not workout picture worthy and I always struggle with my image. So it did take a lot for me to take photos of myself for any sort of  “workout” related topic. I’m working on it)

Again, when it comes to any sort of workout or physical activity, it has to be easy and convenient. So as someone who doesn’t own any gym equipment besides a yoga mat I knew I had to find some help. That’s where YouTube comes in handy of course. Blogs, tutorials, and videos upon videos of different workout routines that I can do at home without any equipment! And even videos specifically for beginners and noobs like me! I spent a few days going through a few videos and trying out a few different things before finding what I liked. And that’s what I’m talking about in today’s Workout Roundup: Pilates; specifically Blogilates with Cassey Ho!

If you don’t know Cassey Ho, then you need to change that right now. Not only does she create awesome videos that are easy to follow even for beginners but she is a huge inspiration for all. She creates amazing videos that show us how to be healthy and fit but also stresses the importance of being who you are and not changing yourself to fit into societal expectations or pressures. One person who can do all that? I know, amazing right? No wonder she has over 2.7 million subscribers!


So for the past month I’ve been browsing through Blogilates videos daily to find new workouts to do right at home! The start was a struggle, having been out of the gym and out of any sort of physical activity for about a month and a half. But the more I did it and the more I practiced, the easier it got. I’ve actually started a 30 Day Beginners Challenge that you can find here. And I absolutely love it. I’m feeling amazing. And I’m doing it more than I ever stepped foot in the gym! That’s the benefit of doing it right at home!

I can’t wait to share more of my Recent Workout Roundups with you! Hopefully it’s a new series of posts that you enjoy and can help me through! What are your favourite workout’s at home?