Top Tips for Achieving a Flawless Face

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Media and advertisements are full of beautiful, flawless faces that give us unrealistic expectations of beauty. What we don’t see is that models and celebrities have teams of professionals working around the clock to keep them looking beautiful at all times as well as professional editing technology to ensure those pictures look as perfect as possible; costing hundreds of dollars and creating a highly unrealistic process. But is it possible to achieve amazing airbrush/photoshop/modelesque flawless face results at home? No matter how you like to do your makeup, there are things you can do to gain that flawless effect every time. This guide is here to show you how to get started.

Sorting out your skin:

You have to start with a good base. If your foundations (the cement, not makeup kind) aren’t strong enough, the rest of the structure will crumble. It’s the same with your skin. If you choose the incorrect products to use on your skin, it can wreak havoc with your makeup. The wrong products can cause breakouts, make your skin oily, and can create a surface that your makeup won’t stick to, making reapplications necessary. Speak to a skin care professional about potential products you can use that will compliment your skin type. Go for products with great additional benefits, such as moisturisers with hydrating properties. This emulsion helps you get brighter looking skin without being too greasy. Starting a thorough daily skin care regime is what you need to begin with.

Choosing the right foundation

The base of your makeup needs to be right and needs to suit your complexion. Use the more uniformed skin on your neck or forearm to test which shade you need. When you have found the right shade, apply some to the centre of a well primed face. Use a brush or a sponge to work it outwards.  The tools are just as important as the product to achieve flawless results. It will get lighter as it reaches the sides of your face and your jawline. Thus creating a naturally flawless finish. Having foundation lines around your jaw should tell you that you need a shade or two lighter.

Invest in the best

It’s best to invest in some quality tools to apply your makeup with. You need to have suitable equipment for each aspect of your makeup regime. They don’t have to be expensive, just make sure they are designed for a specific area. Eyeliner and lip liner brushes are great for achieving sharp lines. Sponges and foundation brushes need to be substantial as these are the front and centre areas of your face with which poor application is more noticible. Do not use the same brush on multiple areas, as this is unhygienic and will harbour more bacteria. Wash your brushes with warm water, every week to keep them in great condition.


You aren’t going to be a top makeup artist after one try. It takes time and patience to perfect a look. It may also take a while for you to find beauty products that you like. Use YouTube tutorials to find out good techniques for recreating your favourite celebrities makeup. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you may create a new look that you love. With plenty of practice you’ll get more confidence and your makeup will always look great.

These are my top tips for achieving flawless makeup. It’s ok to make mistakes along the way, that’s how we all learn. I’m sure you’ll find your own amazing way of creating flawless looks, which even the celebrities would be jealous of.

Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 and 301 Brushes


The Easter Bunny seems to have skipped my house for the past decade, yet this year he made a surprise visit. Now usually I’d be pretty upset that this surprise visit didn’t include chocolate, but I had eyes only for the two little packages waiting for me and calling my name: two of The Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes.

These brushes are currently unavailable in Canada (I think. I haven’t seen them anywhere so someone correct me if I’m mistaken), but we found them in Ulta just across the border. I had been talking about these for awhile so the tricky little bunny knew to pick me up the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush and the 301 Contour Brush. These are my thoughts:


As a lover of buffing brushes and sponges for foundation application, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the Triangle Foundation Brush. Obviously, the design of the brush and all other brushes in the collection are absolutely gorgeous, but for foundation application I find that the design makes it a little difficult. I’m into deeply buffing my foundation in, but with the sleek, long handle of the brush I find it hard to navigate around my face a bit. The bristles of the brush itself are quite long too, yet the triangular shape helps to blend the foundation in around the eyes and the nose better than a flat foundation brush. The Triangle Foundation Brush disappointed me a little, but if you like the ‘painter’ style foundations brushes (the flat ones) than maybe this will be for you! $23.99 at Ulta.

For someone a bit newer to contour, who likes when things are fool proof and easy, the Contour Brush has been absolutely amazing. The chubby little brush and bristles make contouring super easy and is a great brush for blending everything together.  Due to the shorter bristles of the brush I find that the long handle doesn’t really hinder the use like the Triangle Foundation Brush. I’m still getting use to the contour, but this brush has taken my contour game to a whole new level! Proof that it’s all about the right tools! I’m loving this brush. $25.99 at Ulta.

Overall the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes are absolutely gorgeous and I hope to one day pick up the rest of the collection. On some occasions the sleek, long design of the handles are a hinderance to makeup application, but overall they’re known to be amazing brushes. Unfortunately they don’t hold their shape after washing as well as other Real Techniques brushes so that may be something to keep an eye out for. I’d give the Bold Metal 101 and 301 brushes a combined 7/10!

Have you ever tried these brushes? What are your favourite makeup brushes?