Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Traditions

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Christmas Eve should be considered a holiday in and of itself. My family has always had some pretty awesome Christmas traditions, but they always start on Christmas Eve, not just the day of Christmas.

They’re simple little things really, but it’s these simple things that bring my family together and make my holidays bright. As my family owns their own business, Christmas Eve has always been one of the busiest days of the year. So the day would pass with wrapping presents and putting finishing touches on our Christmas table, but nothing really started until my parent’s got home from a long and busy day of hard work. Not only would we await their arrival, but also that of my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles as we all came together for Christmas.

Christmas Eve dinner has always been just as important as Christmas dinner. It usually consists of something equally as amazing as the turkey such as Beef Bourguignon,  Spiral Glazed Ham, or Stuffed Chesnut Pork Roast with Sweet Apple Gravy. Those are some of my favourites from the past.

Then after dinner it’s time for us to sit down and relax, and finally embrace the holidays. We do this in the same way every single year. We watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We laugh so hard we cry, and we recite the lines along with the movie. It never gets old. It may sound simple, but these truly are some of my favourite traditions and memories of growing up with my family. And I absolutely love Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!


Blogmas Day 10: Favourite Holiday Films


The holidays bring people together in many ways, including snuggling up for some good holiday films. Many believe that Christmas themed movies are cheesy and lame, but ask any chick-flick movie lover or any fan of Chevy Chase and they’ll have a strong argument against that. I happen to fall into both of those categories so I have a few favourite holiday films to share with you.

The Chick-Flicks – Of course the chick-flick holiday classics are quite popular this time of year (even if Netflix doesn’t have a single one for my viewing pleasure). I binge watch holiday-themed chick-flicks every year and whether or not the line-up changes there are two that remain: Love Actually and The Holiday. Just such feel good movies.

The Cartoons – Everyone is a kid at heart during the holidays. Whether it’s sliding down the hill on a toboggan, or scalding your tongue on the hot cocoa, the holiday’s just make people feel like care-free kids again! That’s why I still love the cartoon Christmas classics such as Rudolph (you know, the one with the dentist/elf), as well as A Charlie Brown Christmas!

The Family Favourites – And then of course there are those classic Christmas movies that are neither children’s, nor or the sappy female persuasion. These are the family favourites and they include Elf, Santa Clause and Home Alone. No holiday movie fest is complete without these fun films!

What is your favourite Holiday film?


Blogmas Day 2: Christmas in the 6ix

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The Holiday Season is the best time to bundle up and take part in some of the best winter activities the City has to offer. There are some great holiday traditions to take part of in the 6ix, so grab the mittened hand of your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend and head to the city!

Skating at Nathan Philip’s Square – Every year the Nathan Philip’s Square pond freezes over for a full season of skating in the middle of the city! One of the most romantic winter date nights in the heart of the city, right beside city hall. There’s skate rental and even a little restaurant and cafe, but there are also always lots of food trucks around for those late night winter treats! And it’s all just down the street from the beautiful Christmas windows at the Hudson’s Bay Company at the Toronto Eaton Centre.


Christmas Market in the Distillery District – This has got to be my favourite holiday putting that Toronto has to offer. The historic Christmas Market in the beautiful Distillery District! Enjoy warm drinks in the beer garden, the beautiful christmas lights, and try authentic european foods! Open everyday till 9pm from November 20-December 20! Nothing like some warm mulled wine and Christmas cheer as you wait for your ever-coveted table at the Mill Street Brewery!

Frost Fair at Fort York – On the weekend of December 5 and 6 from 10am till 5pm. Enjoy the 1812 historic Fort York and the unique heritage Christmas goods, greenery, military reproductions, games and crafts! A beautiful weekend in Toronto’s own little piece of history.

There are so many more holiday and winter events that Toronto has to offer. What are your favourite things to do in the city during the Holiday Season?