My Guide to the Perfect Contour!


OK, so you’ve noticed that Kim Kardashian has the most perfect contour in the world. Now you want to do it too. Don’t worry; anybody can get the perfect contour when they know the right way to go about it. It might take a little practice, but soon enough you’ll have it down to a T! 

#1. Apply Your Foundation – Start off by applying your foundation as you usually would. I like to put mine on with a wet sponge and gently work it around my face. You need to get your foundation perfect before applying your contour, so take time to blend it in properly and cover your imperfections where possible.

#2. Take Your Face Shape Into Consideration – Taking your face shape into consideration is so important. There are slight variations of the contour for people with different face shapes. A round faced person would need to contour slightly differently to a square faced person to get the desired effect! There are lots of guides online to help you work out where to shade and where to highlight. You could even look at makeup courses to help you. It makes sense too once you understand!

#3. Apply a Darker Shade – When you apply the darker shade, you need to make sure that it isn’t too dark for your skin; there’s such a thing as too dark. I know lots of people like to choose ashy tones for the dark colour, as they look more like shadows when applied to the face. Choose your dark shade wisely. You apply the dark shade to places like the hollows of your cheeks, sides of the nose, forehead, and chin. It’s usually where the sun would naturally hit but also the areas you want to look smaller.

#4. Apply a Highlighter/Lighter Shade – Now it’s time to apply your lighter shade. Your lighter shade or highlighter is going to accentuate areas to create a more 3D effect with the bronzer. You can use a highlighter or concealer, or both. It depends on what I’m doing as to what I choose – test both out and see how you feel.

#5. Blend, Blend, Blend – Blending is the key with your contour. If you don’t blend it properly, everybody will be able to tell you have it on – it shouldn’t look like makeup! Blend with a sponge or brush, whatever you feel comfortable doing.

#6. Natural Light, Always – Always do it in natural light and you can’t go wrong. Natural light is the harshest light and will show up any imperfections. If you do it in artificial light, you might be surprised when you go out into natural light, or worse, you might not even realise. You can even buy mirrors with bulbs that look imitate natural light if that isn’t an option.

Bear in mind you don’t need to do this as part of your everyday makeup routine. I enjoy wearing a little bit to the gym sometimes, but I definitely don’t contour for that.What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Guest Post with Cristina Nika – Is Over-Countouring Damaging your Skin?


Since the Kardashian clan patented the now much adored air-brushed look (the one that women started gushing over all around the world), putting on makeup entered a totally new dimension. Kim Kardashian’s signature look is often copied, yet somehow never successfully repeated.

This sort of makeup involves a lot of high-quality products, a lot of time, a professional hand, and a lot of input. Without a doubt, not only is it expensive on so many levels but damaging for the skin too. There are those who would give anything for just a day with such a face on.

If you aren’t surrounded with professionals making sure your skin, hair, body, health and overall image is flawless, investing in loads of makeup for a bit contouring is absolutely pointless. I’ve browsed and found a few makeup artists who believe contouring is futile:

Contour me young

No matter how old you are, contouring will age you extensively. Contouring means applying too much makeup on your skin, starting with foundation (one, two, three), moving on to several types of concealer, highlighters, toning, etc.


Add various shades of eyeshadows, brow makeup, lip makeup, mascara… and before you know it, you are ready to entertain a Broadway show while your skin is crying for help underneath all those layers of makeup paint. The more product you use, the faster will your skin wrinkle, the pores will close and your face will suffer major breakouts, redness and irritation.


Transformative makeup

Contouring is a form of transformative makeup. Its point is to either emphasize the most beautiful parts of your face or completely change you features. And, you’ve got to have the respect for any makeup artist who knows how to do that. However, unless you are in constant public eye (even then), there is no need for so much makeup on your gorgeous face.

What you need is a good foundation crème to nurture the skin, a bit of Aspect Pigment Punch to deal with all those spots, scars and age give-aways, liquid powder (or whichever one agrees with your skin) to give face an even glow, some blush for freshness and mascara for a clear look. Voila! You look wonderful!

Who has the time?

An average makeup session done by a professional takes for about an hour. With all the “Kardashian contorting” process – close to two hours. Are you actually telling me you’d trade your snooze button and a morning coffee for two hours of putting on makeup that will, in the long run, ruin your skin? Of course not! There is a time and place for everything, and countering should stay with those on stage. Your daily makeup routine should be quick, healthy and reflect your lifestyle. Whoever told you a lot of makeup will make you feel more beautiful – lied. A touch in the right places is enough.

Cristina Nika Kask is a fashion enthusiast and an avid blogger from Sydney, Australia – go check her out at High Style Life and follow her on Twitter

Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 and 301 Brushes


The Easter Bunny seems to have skipped my house for the past decade, yet this year he made a surprise visit. Now usually I’d be pretty upset that this surprise visit didn’t include chocolate, but I had eyes only for the two little packages waiting for me and calling my name: two of The Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes.

These brushes are currently unavailable in Canada (I think. I haven’t seen them anywhere so someone correct me if I’m mistaken), but we found them in Ulta just across the border. I had been talking about these for awhile so the tricky little bunny knew to pick me up the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush and the 301 Contour Brush. These are my thoughts:


As a lover of buffing brushes and sponges for foundation application, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the Triangle Foundation Brush. Obviously, the design of the brush and all other brushes in the collection are absolutely gorgeous, but for foundation application I find that the design makes it a little difficult. I’m into deeply buffing my foundation in, but with the sleek, long handle of the brush I find it hard to navigate around my face a bit. The bristles of the brush itself are quite long too, yet the triangular shape helps to blend the foundation in around the eyes and the nose better than a flat foundation brush. The Triangle Foundation Brush disappointed me a little, but if you like the ‘painter’ style foundations brushes (the flat ones) than maybe this will be for you! $23.99 at Ulta.

For someone a bit newer to contour, who likes when things are fool proof and easy, the Contour Brush has been absolutely amazing. The chubby little brush and bristles make contouring super easy and is a great brush for blending everything together.  Due to the shorter bristles of the brush I find that the long handle doesn’t really hinder the use like the Triangle Foundation Brush. I’m still getting use to the contour, but this brush has taken my contour game to a whole new level! Proof that it’s all about the right tools! I’m loving this brush. $25.99 at Ulta.

Overall the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes are absolutely gorgeous and I hope to one day pick up the rest of the collection. On some occasions the sleek, long design of the handles are a hinderance to makeup application, but overall they’re known to be amazing brushes. Unfortunately they don’t hold their shape after washing as well as other Real Techniques brushes so that may be something to keep an eye out for. I’d give the Bold Metal 101 and 301 brushes a combined 7/10!

Have you ever tried these brushes? What are your favourite makeup brushes?