Empties No.4


As the pile of empty products can no longer be contained in its storage container, and the urge for Spring cleaning overcomes me, I’ve come to realize it’s time for another empties post. Corey thinks it’s silly that I pile my beauty and makeup garbage in a box (true the idea of it may seem silly) but this is my way of showing you what I have used all the way up to the last drop and what my thoughts are. Will I be repurchasing? Have I already repurchased? Will I move on to try new things? I digress…

I’ve used up quite a few haircare products over the past few months. Some are old favourites that can be seen time and time again in these empties posts such as the Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifying Curl Cream and the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Conditioner. I love both of these products and are always repurchased. New for the hair this round was the Deva Curl Set It Free leave in conditioner spray. My hair NEEDS leave in conditioner and I’m always looking for a new favourite. I’ve since moved on to a new one but I did enjoy the Deva Curl. I can’t find it in Canada but I’m looking forward to trying some more of their products, all specifically for curls.

In the face department we’ve seen a few lately as well. I finally got through my Body Shop Foaming Aloe Cleanser which I was not a fan of. It foamed coming out of the container but seemed to disappear on my face. But of course I do love the Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, which you’ve probably seem a few times on this blog and will probably see a few times again. I finally got through my second ever bottle of Clinique Clarifying Toner 2which has lasted me years, and although I’ve loved this I believe my skin has matured a bit and needs something a bit less harsh. In the market, any suggestions? And last for the face I’ve become hooked on the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist, which I used daily just out of the shower as well as a spray here or there for a fresh dewey look over my makeup. I’ve already purchased my second bottle.

Then there are a few for makeup. The typical empty L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and a few new ones. I loved the Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer and am waiting to use up a few more before repurchasing. I had a very up and down love/hate relationship with my No7 Beautifully Matte Face Base, as the thick, tacky primer sometimes worked wonders and sometimes felt horrible. I’m happy with the times we had together but I’m moving on to other friends, sorry No7. And new to my all-time favourites was the Avene Micellar Lotion, for the most gentle, nourishing makeup removing I’ve yet to experience! I’ve been trying to get through a bottle of something else before repurchasing, but I’m about to break. It’s the best.

And a few body bits. Of course and empties post isn’t complete without a Body Shop’s Body Butter, this time in Satstuma. I received this one in a big bag of Body Shop gifts recently and although I love Body Butters I didn’t quite love this scent. I enjoy the Satsuma line for body scrubs, etc. but I find Body Butters stick with you a little longer and I’m not a fan. Corey loved that I smelt of oranges though. My never-ending tub of St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub has also come to an end; a great product but with so many other scrubs out there this didn’t stand out. And finally, a good ‘ol bag of Epsom Salts and a Body Shop Rose Handcream. 

Thats a lot of stuff. I should do these posts a little more often. Phew! What have you been using up lately? Have you tried any of these? Any new toner suggestions?!


Empties #2


Another empties post!! There is no greater feeling than squeezing that last little bit of product out of the bottle, so having such a large pile of empty bottles is like Christmas. And I get to share with you everything I’ve used up, loved, and whether or not I will buy them again!


Clairol CC Colorseal Conditioner – Colorseal conditioner for recently died hair. I used up this little tube after using a Clairol hair dye. The colour worked for me, but I think I need to start sucking it up and paying to get my hair professionally coloured. If you want to use from a box, the Clairol Foam works best.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo – I picked up this little bottle in Ulta as a sample size to test of the shampoo while I was on the road. Great sized bottle for travelling, not sold on the shampoo though. (NOPE)

Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo – I finally found a great and cheap hydrating shampoo here. I’m not fond of spending the big bucks for shampoo since I seem to go through it so fast. But Hello Hydration is amazing for hydrating my frizzy hair. Curly hair needs a great hydrating shampoo like this. And I will definitely be repurchasing. (YUP)

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defence Conditioner – This one wasn’t my favourite. It was an impulse ‘I’m on the road and forgot my conditioner’ buy. It did the job. (NOPE)

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Shampoo – I was given a stash of John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoos and Conditioners and I really do love them all. This was the first of the bottles that I got through and I’m still using the rest, so I must like it! My hair isn’t really ‘coloured’ at the moment, I really need it coloured. But this does a great job sealing in that colour for weeks! (YUP)

Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier – How many times have I raved about this one before? This has been the only hair product that I have gone back to, for about 10 years in a row now. They’ve more recently changed the packaging, this is the old packaging. And the product has delivered non-stop. I have tried others, and always end up going back to this to fix what the other products have done (or not done). Great curl product (YUP!!)


The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel – I love The Body Shop’s body washes, but I didn’t really love the scent of this one. I bought this one as an obligation one day when I walked into The Body Shop and broke a bottle of perfume. I thought it was only right that I spend a ton of money after that. So as much as I love the body wash, don’t love the smell (NOPE)

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel – I think I have used this one almost every Christmas since I remember knowing what The Body Shop was. I love their cranberry line at Christmas time, it reminds me of the holidays!! I love putting it the bath and relaxing in the christmassy cranberry scent!! (YUP)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter – If you’ve followed my posts for awhile now you’ll understand my love of the Vitamin E line at the Body Shop. LOVE! I’ve never finished a body butter before, but this one was just amazing and I slathered it on every day since I bought the little sucker. Already repurchased, and continued love (YUP!!)


Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask –  I just started using Lush face masks recently and I really love them. But I’ve never been able to get through the whole thing before the expiry date. This one was wheatgrass, green tea and papaya and smelt amazing!! So refreshing and relaxing. I love sitting in the bath with a face mask, or getting together with my girl friends for face masks and wine! Best feeling ever (YUP)

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask – See above explanation of Lush face mask love. This one is of course made with seaweed and really cleanses and softens the skin. Even more relaxing. Beautiful!!! (YUP)

Biotherm Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel – This was a great face cleanser and has such a relaxing smell. Great night-time cleanser. I love the packaging for travel. The tiny micro beads are great for daily exfoliating and not too harsh. Its even great for sensitive skin. I haven’t yet repurchased, but I most likely will. (YUP)


Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation – Out of all budget drug store foundations this has been the best!! Its such an amazing match to my skin and such a great formula. The bottle is only about $10! And has already been repurchased!!! (YUP!!)

And thats it!! I think it’s a little obvious I like my hair products! Have you used any of these products before? Don’t you just love empties?!

Empties and the Big Move

The time has come…countdown is only 5 days to the big move and things are looking crazy and getting hectic. As I’ve been emptying my closet and drawers I’ve been creating piles and piles of clothes to donate, and getting rid of the crap that I’ve been hanging on to for years and years. And most importantly, I’ve been trying to quickly use up all of the half/part bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and makeup. Although I haven’t accumulated a very large pile of empties, I wanted to write the post so that I can just chuck these silly bottles taking up so much space, and I’ll start accumulating again in the new place. So what have I used up lately?


– L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate Free Conditioner in Rosemary Mint – Best conditioner ever. Repurchase? YUP

– John Frieda Frizz Ease Conditioner – great conditioner for frizz-prone curly hair. Repurchase? Possibly…tough competitor for the L’Oreal EverPure.

Scope Mouthwash – Seriously? Mouthwash is mouthwash. Nothing special here folks. 

– Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Exfoliator – My favourite for the morning face wash in the shower. Not too exfoliating so can be used daily. Feels great. Repurchase? Already have.

– Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifying Cream – I’ve been using the same thing for 8 years. This must be my 25th bottle. Already halfway through the next.

– Clinique Clarifying Toner 2 – I recently tried to use a different toner (the Body Shop’s Seaweed line) and I did some damage to my face I think. I didn’t like it to begin with though. But this Clinique toner has been amazing for a few years for me. Going back to it has saved my face. Already repurchased.

– Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover – since finishing this bottle I bought a new makeup remover from a different brand, thinking that a less oily one would be better. Its not. It sucks. So I’ll be going back to this amazing bottle asap. I miss it.

– Clairol Nice n’ Easy Perfect 10 Conditioner – I recently died my hair at home using the Clairol Nice n’ Easy Perfect 10 dye in a box. It’s a perfect when you don’t wanna spend $100 on a dye job. But the best part of the whole thing is the little bottle of colour control conditioner that you get with the package. It’s one of the best conditioner’s I’ve ever used. Totally excited to dye my hair again.

– Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara – You may have heard me rave about this one already. It’s one of the best drug store mascara’s I’ve ever used and definitely the best of the covergirl brand. Check out my review of all LashBlast Covergirl Mascaras here.

– Maybelline Eye Studio Liquid Liner – This is a great drugstore brand liquid eye liner pen. It goes on smoothly and comes off easily when washing the face. I would definitely repurchase, although I’ve recently switched to a more ‘high end’ liquid eyeliner pen, using the Stila Wear All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner.

– Lancome Liquid Eyeliner – I may have stolen this one from my sister. I didn’t use it much before it was completely used up. It is a great eyeliner, but I prefer liquid eyeliners in a pen form rather than a brush in a bottle set up.

– Blistex Cocoa Daily Conditioning – Due to the fact that this was an epic milestone for me (finally finishing a lip balm), I wrote a post about this one that you can see here.

So there you have it. A few used up items, some of which will definitely be purchased again. I swear ‘Empties’ posts are my favourite, and I definitely take other bloggers ‘Empties’ posts into consideration when contemplating new purchases. So let me know what you think! Have you ever used any of these products?


Makeup packing…..this is why my life is so stressful right now