At Home Manicure

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 3.44.52 PMSundays mean pamper time – especially some much needed nail care. I don’t go get manicures very often, but every Sunday I like to trim, file, cut and paint my nails myself (I save the pricey mani-pedi’s for special occasions). No need for special, expensive files or this, that and whatever (see I get manicures so infrequently I don’t even know the proper terms) – just a few, well-priced products from the drug store, a little patience and a steady hand.

1. First I give my fingers and cuticles a good moisturizing massage. The skin around my nails often peel and get sore, so moisturizing is important. For this I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm. You simply massage a little bit into your cuticles to help keep them in check.

2. Then I cut away those ragged cuticles by using the simplest of tools. It’s the Revlon Cuticle Trimmer, which is a tiny little contoured clipper to trim your cuticles by following the natural curve of your nails. No need for a small set of scissors that will very likely cut your cuticles too short and leave your nails sore for the rest of the week.

3. If you’re happy with the shape and length of your nails, then move on the the base coat. I like to use the Essie Protein Base Coat. It helps strengthen and protect using wheat proteins for healthy nails – makes a smooth base and extends the wear of your polish.

4. The polish!! I change it drastically every week – switching from the dark, the bold, the neon, and the simple neutral colours. This week I chose a simple dusty rose pink – Essie’s Eternal Optimist. 

5. Finish it all off with the only top coat out there that will actually dry your nails as fast as it claims to – it’s Seche Vite! Dries your nails in about a minute – and makes for a smooth, long-lasting finish on your manicure and colour.

Love my Sunday nail routine! Now that I can wear nail polish to work it’s become one of my favourite pamper sessions! With a few special occasions coming up this summer I am excited to splurge on a manicure or two, but my routine at home is just as good for the daily nail needs!

What do you like to do with your nails at home?


Same Name Different Colour?


I know from experience the importance of choosing the exact same dye lot number when it comes to knitting or sewing to ensure your colours aren’t slightly off (that’s the grandma in me) – but who ever knew that there was such a difference in the lot number of your cosmetics? Shades and blends are incredibly important, so when you find your colour you know exactly what you’ll be getting each and every time you purchase and repurchase the same name and number….or so you’d think.

This assumption of mine left me quite disappointed recently upon a re-purchase of an Essie polish. Now it’s not like it’s a foundation that didn’t match my skin tone (that would be tragic and an instant exchange); nail polishes are still usable and great in varying colours, that’s what makes it fun! But when I went to repurchase one of my favourite Essie shades, I was sorely disappointed in the obvious colour difference between my old bottle and my new.

It’s Essie Mint Candy Apple, which I believe is one of their most popular shades. It’s (supposed to be) the perfect blue-ish/minty green pastel shade – you know, the kind everyone loves this time of year. My first bottle (seen above on the right) was on the blue end of the spectrum. A light blue polish with a slight green tinge. And I loved it! So when I repurchased last weekend (about three years after my first bottle was purchased), I was shocked to see that the new bottle (see above on the left) was obviously a very green polish with a slight blue tinge. I stomped back to Shoppers to check out the rest, and even on the shelf you could see an obvious difference between several polishes claiming to be the same shade – so I can’t even put it down to the fact that they’ve changed the shade in the last three years. They have two different colours on the self at the same time….both claiming to be Mint Candy Apple.


So what’s the dealio Essie? Has anyone ever had this issue with their cosmetics?


Easter Weekend Colours


I do love a good themed nail colour for the holidays. This weekend being Easter, it was time to pull out the pastel easter egg colours and give myself a good manicure. The nails are almost back to normal!! It wasn’t until I pulled open my nail polish drawer that I realized just how many Easter nail polish colours I had! Here are a few good ones to try out this weekend.

The first is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, a great pastel green/blue colour thats not too crazy on the nails. Even after a few coats it finishes as a cool, pale shade and is one of Essie’s more popular colours. The next has been a recent favourite of mine, Essie’s Blanc. A pure white, clean shade for the cooler weather and sunnier skies. Essie’s The More the Merrier may seem like a crazy shrek-green-esque colour, but for easter and budding spring time this green is perfect to go along with the pop of colour starting to poke it way through the dull dead grass (I also love it for tennis season in the summer). And last but not least is Essie’s Nice is Nice, which I believe was one of my first even Essie purchases. The dusty pale purple is absolutely the perfect Easter colour. Want to really go all out? Do a nail of each and make your fingers look like those fun Easter Eggs you’ll be dying this weekend!!

Get ready for the Easter Bunny and for digging into that chocolate by giving yourself a good Easter Manicure! What are your favourite Easter Colours?