The Mascara Eyeliner Trick


As a constant traveller it may seem like I’ve got it all together when it comes to packing. But I find the unpack, wash, re-pack routine and short stops at home have actually made it easier to forget something. It’s always the little things; the small items I take out to use quickly at home. It’s always my intention to put them right back in the bag….But it’s no longer a big disappointment when I open my makeup bag to find something missing. I’ve become quite the improvisor.

I recently had such an occasion where I opened my makeup bag to discover a severe lack of eyeliner. Some may think this is a great opportunity for some eyeliner-less days, but for me thats not an option. It’s a ‘must have’ on a daily basis. So I improvised. I took out my MAC angled eyebrow brush and my mascara. I used the excess of mascara that always builds on the tip of the wand, and with the angled brush I created myself eyeliner. Just along the waterline with a steady hand was enough for a mid-thickness line, since the brush was a little thicker than a normal eyeliner applicator. After a little bit of makeup remover on a tissue to fix up the smudges I had eyeliner! Simple, everyday, no-fuss, gel liner. Ssshhh….no one needs to know it’s actually mascara.

Try it out! It’s easy to forget something, so just improvise! There are some great tricks like these. Have you ever tried the mascara liner trick?

Review – Nyx Wonder Pencil


It’s been awhile since a product has impressed me enough to do a spotlight review. But I love the Nyx Wonder Pencil; a nude eye pencil that I like to use on my lower lash line. A little miracle.

My makeup career can be traced all the way back through years and years of black eyeliner. I feel that my staple of black eyeliner has followed me through to today. Well at least to recent times. I’ve switched it up to some liquid liners, etc. But I have always done a sweep of black eyeliner halfway across my bottom lash line to finish it off. I’ve been finding that I look very harsh lately. That I look like I’m trying to seem more ‘hard core’ than I actually am. I’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ when it comes to my eyeliner. A few months ago on a trip to Ulta I picked up the Nyx Wonder Pencil, and didn’t really give it much of a chance until recently. I think it took me awhile to get it just right. I use my regular liquid eyeliner across my top lids, sometimes flicking it out as a little cat eye. And I use the Nyx Wonder Pencil all the way across my bottom lash line. The nude colour takes away any redness or pinkness that I have near my eyes. It makes me look less tired and haggard, and makes my eyes look bigger! I’ve really been liking the natural look of it, and I’m really glad that I’ve found something a little more sophisticated and not as harsh. Even though Nyx is such a cheap price, the products certainly are not cheap quality. The Wonder Pencil comes in three shades: Light, Medium and Deep. Such a great product

Nude eye liners are little miracles. Have you ever tried any? What do you think about the Nyx Wonder Pencil?