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Style Guide: Get The Look From “How to be Single”

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This past weekend I went out with some friends to see the new chick flick “How to Be Single”. Right on time for Valentine’s Day and tempting us with the ever funny Rebel Wilson, I decided to give it a go although it’s pretty much the opposite of my type of film. But aside from not being as stupid as I was expecting, I fell in love with Dakota Johnson’s character; the quirky attitude, the lost sense of self that is so easily relatable, and the laid-back yet hip sense of style! So I started thinking, how can I get that kinda look (and at a reasonable price)? Well, let’s see… (more…)

Career Wear Wishlist

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I shop, therefore I am. But when I’m sitting at home job searching day in and day out I tighten the purse strings, and smartly so. Of course after wearing a uniform for two years I’m bound to be lacking in the career wear category. Since searching for a new job I’ve been giving a lot of thought to career wear and what I believe I’d like to wear to an office job. But of course, I’m waiting until I actually get a job before I go shopping, because at this point I’m still unsure as to where I’ll end up. But there is no problem with browsing and creating a wish list now and then. These are a few items I’ve found in my browses that I think I’d like to wear to the office and some idea’s as to a ‘career appropriate’ style for myself.

1. Double Collar Blazer in Peach – $33.80 Forever 21

2. Stretch Patterned Trousers – $17.95 H&M

3. Straight Cut Shirt – $19.95 H&M

4. Collarless Open-Front Blazer in Copper – $39.90 Forever 21

5. Tweed Open-Front Blazer – $39.90 Forever 21

6. Long Sleeved Blouse – $29.95 H&M

7. Laden Showroom X I Love Friday 2 in 1 Stripe Skirt Dress – $96.84 ASOS

8. ASOS Martian Wide Fit Loafers – $75.32 ASOS

What do you like to wear to the office?