Review – Olay Total Effects CC Cream


The BB and CC craze is one that baffles me a little bit. But for someone who hasn’t really delved into the realm of these new fads, I may not be one to form a concrete decision on the whole lot. Besides being a light-weight, light coverage, tinted moisturizer, I find it hard to see all the benefits they claim to have. Either way, I decided to try the Olay CC Cream. 

I gave it a go and brought it with me as I travelled for work a few months ago. I find thats the best way to determine whether or not you like a product, since it’s the only one you have with you. The cream is quite thick, much thicker than any moisturizer I’ve ever used before. Once blended out with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush it left a well moisturized, dewy face that I was quite happy with. After  a few days I got over the fact that the cream is so thick upon application and I quite enjoyed the product. But the more and more I use it now, the less I like it. Maybe since the weather is a little warmer, but I find that the dewy finish turns oily/greasy looking quite fast and it quickly feels like a thick layer of pore-clogging foundation like I wore 10 years ago and I quickly want to wash it off before I break out. I still give it a go every once and a while, but for now I think I’ll put this product aside until the colder weather again.

I’ve heard great things about the Olay CC Pore-Minimizing Cream, which maybe was the one I should have tried. So maybe I’ll give that one a go in the near future. I’m still pretty new to Olay products. What is your favourite from Olay?


Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 and 301 Brushes


The Easter Bunny seems to have skipped my house for the past decade, yet this year he made a surprise visit. Now usually I’d be pretty upset that this surprise visit didn’t include chocolate, but I had eyes only for the two little packages waiting for me and calling my name: two of The Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes.

These brushes are currently unavailable in Canada (I think. I haven’t seen them anywhere so someone correct me if I’m mistaken), but we found them in Ulta just across the border. I had been talking about these for awhile so the tricky little bunny knew to pick me up the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush and the 301 Contour Brush. These are my thoughts:


As a lover of buffing brushes and sponges for foundation application, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the Triangle Foundation Brush. Obviously, the design of the brush and all other brushes in the collection are absolutely gorgeous, but for foundation application I find that the design makes it a little difficult. I’m into deeply buffing my foundation in, but with the sleek, long handle of the brush I find it hard to navigate around my face a bit. The bristles of the brush itself are quite long too, yet the triangular shape helps to blend the foundation in around the eyes and the nose better than a flat foundation brush. The Triangle Foundation Brush disappointed me a little, but if you like the ‘painter’ style foundations brushes (the flat ones) than maybe this will be for you! $23.99 at Ulta.

For someone a bit newer to contour, who likes when things are fool proof and easy, the Contour Brush has been absolutely amazing. The chubby little brush and bristles make contouring super easy and is a great brush for blending everything together.  Due to the shorter bristles of the brush I find that the long handle doesn’t really hinder the use like the Triangle Foundation Brush. I’m still getting use to the contour, but this brush has taken my contour game to a whole new level! Proof that it’s all about the right tools! I’m loving this brush. $25.99 at Ulta.

Overall the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes are absolutely gorgeous and I hope to one day pick up the rest of the collection. On some occasions the sleek, long design of the handles are a hinderance to makeup application, but overall they’re known to be amazing brushes. Unfortunately they don’t hold their shape after washing as well as other Real Techniques brushes so that may be something to keep an eye out for. I’d give the Bold Metal 101 and 301 brushes a combined 7/10!

Have you ever tried these brushes? What are your favourite makeup brushes?


Review – Clinique Superbalanced Makeup


Spring has sprung, and along with it has come the desire for something fresh and new. Although I have been loving the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation for quite some time now, I feel that the time has come for something fresh, with a little more of a dewy, light and photo-ready finish! So I made my way to Sephora and I had the greatest experience!! I’ve never before had the same kind of service that I received at this location (Gardens Mall – Palm Beach Florida – yay I’m on vacation!!). So I tried the ever so innovative Colour IQ and after taking three pictures of my face the little device told me the perfect matches for my skin. My number was 2R05, and with that we found the closest foundation matches to my skin!! I’m a lover of liquid foundation, so taking powder foundations out of the mix my top match was the Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in the shade 01 Petal.

The Clinique Superbalanced Makeup is a perfectly blend-able liquid foundation that has quite a bit of skin conditioning properties. The shade 01 Petal is specifically for dry combination to combination oily/matte skin, and works to counter balance any of those inconsistencies. The foundation is allergy tested and is 100% fragrance free, which I love. Its still a pretty light-moderate coverage and has a very natural finish. The foundation formula absorbs oil where oil-control is needed and moisturizes where hydration is needed. It is also oil-free which is another thing I love. Although I don’t have very naturally oily skin, I’m always quite nervous to add more oils to my face. So I love oil-free formulas. It smooths on like a pair of perfectly fitting Lulu Wunderunders (my choice of pants on vacation has gotten out of control), and makes my face feel so soft and I just feel so pretty! Exactly what I needed for a great spring change!!

Have you ever used Clinique Foundation? Or used the Sephora Colour IQ Foundation match? What is your favourite Sephora foundation?