Blogmas Day 16: Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide


You’ve got the luxury gifts, you’ve got the budget gifts, so today it’s time to share the mini-sized best of both worlds; the best Stocking Stuffer items!

Stocking stuffers don’t necessarily need to be in a certain price range, but I like to stick with items that come in a smaller size! Everything has to fit in that stocking, right? Sephora is amazing for travel essentials and mini, sample sized, products. The aisle of doom I like to call it. You know, that aisle that you stand in as you wait to pay for your purchases, doubling your subtotal between the aisle and the counter. Yeah, that one. It’s perfect for your stocking stuffer shopping.

To start, check to see if there are small sample sizes or travel sizes of the products that you already love, or that you know your friends and family love. For me, that would be the Glamglow Mud to Foam Cleanserwhich I absolutely adore and want to share with everyone! I’ll shove this guy in as many stockings as I can reach. Or, as you saw in my Pamper Gift Guide, you can gift the joy of Peter Thomas Roth with the Mini Mask Trio or individual travel sized masks. Whether or not your friends and family have tried them before, I know they’ll be hooked.

Next, take a look at the great brands that you love and trust that come out with great stocking stuffers and minis specifically for the holiday season! Things such as the Formula X Clix which you can see above in the sets The Match and All That Matters. These are great gifts for those who love nails and polish, or even those who are hard to shop for. The cutest little collection of amazing colours from a great brand. Or, not holiday specific but still mini and amazing, the NARS Mini Lip Pencils in either Velvet Matte or Satin. Tons of colours to choose from for my absolute favourite formula and brand of lip pencil. Someone please fill my stocking with more of these!

You can even try some non-mini but still small sized products. Check out the sale items on Sephora if you wanna stick in a “stocking-esque” budget. That’s where I recently found the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette which is perfect for that flawless holiday face with a warm flush. And is still the perfect stocking size! Or the makeup tool that should be in everyone’s arsenal, the BrushEgg. The most perfect tool for brush cleaning. Anyone who owns at least one makeup brush needs this.

What are your ideas for stocking stuffers this year?


GLAMGLOW ThirstyCleanse Mud to Foam Cleanser


The benefits of mud in skin care is evident in the long line up of mud masks from both the drug store and high end shops. As well as from the long and ever growing list of spa treatments that involve mud. But the idea of slapping some mud, or mud-based product, on your face on a daily bases was a bit of a turnoff for me. As much as I agree with the moisturizing benefits, I did truly believe that the use of mud every day would clog my pores since, well….mud is dirt, right?!

Yet all these thoughts were pushed aside after falling in love hard for the GLAMGLOW ThirstyCleanse Mud to Foam Cleanser; and AHHHHMAZING daily face cleanser that leaves my face feeling cleaner and smoother than ANYTHING I’ve ever used before. I’m serious. I was a little intimidated by the name (GLAMGLOW) and even the packaging at first. It’s bright colours and shiny stars actually led me to believe it was targeted to a completely different audience. That teaches me not to judge a book….

The cleanser smooths on dry and thick like a good mask, and I apply it as such. I use about two pumps from the bottle and cover my whole face. Then I wet just my finger tips and start massaging the cleanser in. It instantly turns into a silky cleanser that I could spend hours massaging in. It feels amazing on my face. Then I simply splash a few handfuls of water on my face to remove the cleanser and pat my face try with a face cloth. I can then skip the moisturizer…no joke! My face feels so fresh, clean, and moisturized all at the same time! I’ve put aside my Una Brennan Super Facialist Oil for the time being (although my love for that runs deep as well), and I’m spending some time with my new love, the GLAMGLOW Mud to Foam cleanser.

I’ve also sampled the ThirstyMud Hydrating Mask and I have a feeling more than my little sample sized will be needed for the future. What other GLAMGLOW products can you suggest for me?